Mustard, Flowers and Office Life

by - Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm not really getting the hang of this #ootd thing am I? My lovely, patient boyfriend has offered to take my pictures for me, but the inevitable cringe factor of posing away has unfortunately taken providence for now, and so you'll have to put up with these self timer shots.

Today I'm writing this post on a day off from work, but being fair, this is a reasonable representation of what I wear most autumnal/wintery days, consisting of a mustard Primark cable knit jumper I bought on eBay, and a G21 ASDA dress so old I think I bought it especially to wear to Year 9 non-uniform day, which would have been about 7 or 8 years ago. Needless to say, it's now a staple. I love small ditsy patterns like this - they somehow manage to look girly without being childish, and anything with a collar is of course a bonus. I've embraced my natural hair fully now - in fact I haven't used my straighteners in well over eight weeks. It feels much healthier, much thicker and (as you can see) is much bigger.

 Even though I've only been in my new job just under two months, it already feels odd to be at home on a weekday by myself. One day in the future, whenever that may be, I'd love to be self-employed or to go back to Uni to study for my PhD and lecture, but I'd definitely need to have a proper home office or have the discipline to go into university to work office hours. This working from bed lark just isn't for me anymore, and that is something I thought I'd never, ever say. Must be the final ebbs of student life seeping out from me...

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  1. How cute! Love the addition of the mustard sweater over the dress.

    x Sarah