Christmas Lust List 2014

by - Thursday, November 20, 2014

It seemed a little silly to do a lust list just for November, so instead, here is the bumper crop of things I'll be asking Santa for in 2014. Needless to say I've been really well behaved...

Asda Fur Collar Coat
I've looked everywhere for this £15 bad boy, and needless to say, because it's such an epic bargain, it's sold out everywhere. Hopefully Santa will be able to track one down in my size - I love it's subtly vintage style and the fact that the colour would go with absolutely everything, which when you wear as much colour as me, is very important.

Beyonce Platinum Vinyl
Christmas wouldn't be christmas without some sort of nod to Queeny B, so the platinum edition of her album would go down very nicely indeed.

iPhone 5c
I'm not reeeally expecting anybody to buy me something as extravagant as an iPhone for Christmas, but if anybody's offering, my hand-me-down 4 is definitely going slower than normal and I would definitely like one with a larger memory so I can store more than my Drake discography in my Music folder.

H&M Pastel Sweater
H&M have been absolutely nailing it on the basics recently, and I have fallen in love with this pink sweater. Easy to throw on with jeans and a collared shirt or over a dress, it's definitely a functional item that is missing from my wardrobe.

Urban Ears Headphones
My poor skull candy's have been on their last legs for a little while, and they've never been the most aesthetically pleasing of headphones anyway. Now that I'm a commuter, a nice pair of Urban Ears would stop people looking at me like I'm a massive emo, plus there's just SO MANY COLOURS. I couldn't tell you which colour I'd prefer, but I'm sure Santa will have my back.

'Not That Kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham
You've got to have a good book to curl up with on Boxing Day, and I'd quite like this year's to be the much-talked about Lena Dunham offering. I absolutely love Girls, and while I'm not expecting this to be quite as good, I'm sure it'll be an enlightening read.

Yankee Candle in Vanilla Cinnamon
Although I've sniffed this hard enough in the shop for the scent to become permanently embedded in my nostrils, I'm yet to actually own a yankee candle. Although this is the sort of 'adult' purchase that I'd rather save until I move into a proper grown-up flat, this would be a nice token to remind me of that goal to be a (gulp) homeowner at some point in the next three years.

Black Skinny High Waisted Jeans
When I finally succumbed and got my first pair of Topshop Joni's (for £3 on eBay, winner), I swore I'd never go back. Because I love my blue pair so much, a black set is the next logical step in my quest to own an effortlessly chic minimal wardrobe.

Ikea Sausage Dog
Despite my pleas, I have still not been able to lay my hands on this cute little sausage. Please Santa, hear my cries for a puppy, I'd be forever grateful.

White High Top Converse
Another essential I've put off for a long time, I really need to wean myself off of crappy Converse lookalikes and just invest in an authentic, hard wearing pair. Or of course, I could hope that somebody reads this blogpost and buys some for me (size 6 please)

Primark Red Flannel Shirt
Another 'capsule wardrobe' essentially for throwing over dresses or tucked into jeans, a red flannel shirt has evaded my clutches for a really long time because the pattern has never been just right. I've not seen it in the flesh, but this Primark number appears to be the ticket and is a bargain £8.

Fairy String Lights
Who knew pretty fairy lights were so difficult to come by? I'd love a nice set to wind around my bedframe to make my room all cosy in the dark evenings, and again, add to my 'things to decorate my adult flat with fund'.

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