Sunday Seven #7

by - Sunday, October 12, 2014

I don't just love Katie's outfit, I love her whole dissection of gender and femininity. Nothing better than a blogger who blends fashion with education!

Paige's new Joules waterproof is far from the unattractive parkas you get for festivals - so cute! I can't wait to read more about her upcoming adventures at Mod Dolly. -

Hailea's orange velvet skirt is just to die for - the sort of the thing I'd buy but then have no idea how to wear it. Hello instant inspo!

Lucy's student halls advice comes with beautiful pictures - this room is basically my dream office visualised.

'How to become a full time blogger' posts are somewhat two-a-penny these days, but Zoe's blog piece is refreshingly candid, straight-forward and humble.

A regularly favourite around these parts, Olivia wear pattern trousers and Orla Kiely shoes oh, so well. What a girl!

If you like food, fashion and on-tour fun, Elizabeth's blog is one of the best around. Her post about her band Summer Camp's recent visit to Italy had me feeling some pretty serious jealous feels.

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  1. oops! Hopefully you got my thank you comment! If not then in short, thanks for the feature lady :)) xx