OOTD: Pearls, Collars and Gingham

by - Monday, October 06, 2014

Top: Thrifted Miss Selfridge | Skirt: H&M

I would apologise for the small break in normal blog service, but sod it, I'm only human. Last week I started a new 9-5 job (score!) and it's still taking time to settle in a routine that doesn't just see me crumple to a heap in front of the telly as soon as I get home.

I've never been much of a monochrome molly, but something about becoming obsessed with workwear inspired me to smarten up this otherwise informal skirt. Whilst it's a bit crumpled in the first picture, it's actually a pretty decent length as far as bodycon mini's go, and stretches nicely without the seam straining. The jumper was an even better find - picked up for a couple of pounds at a kilo sale, the tags were cut out but I've tracked it down to be a Miss Selfridge item. I love the beaded collar which adds a touch of smartness, making this top perfect for throwing over a dress.

Shout out also to the ease of my recent decision to wear my hair natural - a quick scrunch of curl activator is a big time saver compared to my old straightening regime and is a whole lot healthier too. Although it can be a bit of nightmare trying to make sure it doesn't just turn into big old dreadlocks, I think I'm liking the change. Hooray for curly girls!

P.S -  See that massive pile of bags behind me in the top shot? I've managed to make just over £100 on eBay in the last month from selling off odds and ends that I didn't think were really worth much at all! Goes to show doesn't it?

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