New In: Judy's Official Kilo Sale Haul, Leeds Trinity Church

by - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

As you may well know, I'm a pretty paid-up kilo sale fan. Tons and tons of vintage clothing, a good rummage and some super bargain prices? Yeah, I'm pretty much in. Although there are plenty of kilo sales popping up all over the place, my favourite is undoubtedly the original, Judy's Official Kilo Sale. With a kilo costing just £15 and the clothes normally in much better condition than most vintage fairs, you can normally get between 4 and 5 items, making for a pretty sweet deal. Judy's also has the distinct benefit of travelling all over the country, meaning that even those in smaller cities get a look in.

Although I visited the Leeds stop of the kilo sale primarily for work (I'm the editor of Judy's official magazine, dontchaknow), I of course found time to sift for some bargains myself. Autumn Winter workwear was the aim of the game, and I got myself some right gems:

Vintage Lyle & Scott jumper

 Excusing the fluff (it was right at the bottom of a huge bin and in need of some tender loving cleaning), this jumper is in perfect condition and considering that Lyle&Scott jumpers normally retail for around £80, this was a definite bargain! I was rather selflessly thinking about giving it to my brother for Christmas, but I may have to test drive it a couple of times myself - it doesn't count when something is second hand already right?

Tartan skirt

This skirt has the most lovely pattern and length, although having tried it on at home, it seems quite poorly made - the lining has been sewn in a rather bunchy fashion that creates a highly unattractive er, bulge around the crotch area. I have no real desire to look like Aunt Marge from Harry Potter, so this might need a little bit of a fix-up before I can properly introduce it to my winter wardrobe with some white tights and black Mary Janes. 

Houndstooth jacket

What a find! This jacket is simple shoulder-pad-tastic. I love the velvet collar and pocket linings - such lovely details that are so difficult to come by with modern clothing. This'll be perfect with a simple ensemble of slobby t shirt, skinny jeans and shiny loafers. 

Mackintosh Coat

Probably my favourite find of the day. I've been after a classic mac for quite some time but was never sure that the traditional cream worked with my skintone, so this khaki number is the perfect alternative and pleasantly unusual. Would you look at that lining? I know, so perfect for Autumn. I'm looking to pair this with dresses, thick tights and brown boots. 

So there we have it - a whole new Autumn outfit (and then some) for just £15! I really can't advocate shopping vintage enough - it's environmentally savvy, so much more interesting that searching through rails of identikit items and when you find something amazing for next to nothing, the excitement is like nothing else.

Fancy getting down to a kilo sale yourself? Look out for a fair near you on Judy's events page. If you're interested in submitting articles to Judy's Vintage Magazine or want to advertise your blog/business within it's pages, get in touch on

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