New In: Autumn Haul

by - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Although I'm a self confirmed pastel princess, you really can't beat the rich tones of Autumn. I've always felt like Autumn is 'my season' in terms of more modest colours, shapes and fits, and really relish the opportunity to buy into the practicality of staying warm whilst still maintaining my girly sense of style.

Having lost a little weight and relegated most of last Autumn's items to my eBay pile, I figured it was about time I treated myself to some new items that would last this season and beyond. I'm consciously trying to step away from my loves of florals in favour of more grown-up items, so I'm really pleased with the amount of restraint I showed with my latest haul.

Dorothy Perkins Polka Dot Dress (3.48 via eBay)

I fell in love with this dress the very first time I saw it in store a couple of years back, although I will admit it was the lilac version that originally had my heart. I never even knew this colour existed until I stumbled upon it during an eBay search, and quickly fell for it's unusual russet colouring. The length and fit is super flattering, perfect for my September job interview. I can't have looked too bad, because I got the job!

Chambray Denim Midi Skirt (£2.50, Kilo Sale)

I've been sitting on this skirt (not literally, it's been in the back of my set of drawers) for almost a year now, but I've never worn it as I thought the length was a little awkward, and I wasn't quite sure how to shorten it without ruining it's shape. I can't explain how glad I am that I hung onto it, because we all know that Midi skirts have come back into fashion in a big way and this one is perfect for the office. I love how heavy the denim fabric is and the cute little pockets.

Grey Speckle Coatigan (£7.50, Cancer Research)

My best buy in quite some time, this jacket is in a lovely soft cardigan/hoody material, but looks ever-so smart on. Perfect for this inbetween weather we're having and a lovely way of dulling down brighter summer dresses for the new season. Definitely filling the 'smart' void in my wardrobe, I'm really happy with this one!

Backpack (£3, Primark)

I've coveted this cute little backpack for quite some time, but when I saw it reduced to just £3, I pounced. The basketweave effect and gold finishings make it look a lot more expensive than it is, so I don't feel too weird about taking it to work. Backpacks can often look childish or bulky, but this is the perfect size to throw over one shoulder or even carry by the short handle. 

Curly Kids (£2.50 from Amazon) | Twisted Sista (£1.50, Home Bargains) | Style Expertise Frizz Ease (£2, Superdrug)

I'm not a beauty blogger by any stretch, but deciding to manage my own hair has led to a case of needs must. A combination of the three products above has managed to tame my frizz into something resembling a head of curls, although I'm still looking for a product that will provide better definition without leaving my hair sticky. A full review of these will be going up soon though, so I shan't waffle here! 

And last, but never least...

Vintage St Michaels Cardigan (£3.50, RSPCA Shop)

Would you LOOK at this cardigan?! Okay, I didn't strictly need this cardigan, but it was too much my style to resist, and outrageously cheap for what wonderful condition it is in. I can't wait to wear it on slobby sundays with thick tights and cut off shorts.

Okay, so the last but not least thing? I lied. I also picked up a pair of Topshop Leigh jeans on eBay for £3.20, but somehow totally forgot to photograph them. Still, we all know what they look like, skinny and a rich bright blue. Considering the pair I won were brand new, I'm pretty chuffed that I didn't have to cough up the £38 that they would have cost me instore. They'll be perfect with pretty much everything and I'm really lucky that jeans are classed as smart enough at my workplace - a great option for days where you don't feel like dressing up.

Have you bought any great autumn bargains recently?

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