Sunday Seven #5

by - Sunday, September 28, 2014

 Words cannot express how jealous I am of Cassey's post about being invited to Taylor Swift's house for an exclusive playback of her new record. It's so heartwarming to see artists treat their fans so specially.

Adora's pictures from Pure London were ever so pretty and got me making a distinct note to attend next year

As always, Chloe's blog photography is looking perfectly pastel in her cute hexagon magnet tutorial - so on trend.

Tilly's troubleshooting guide to common sewing machine mistakes has been bookmarked for future reference - I'm sure I've been more than guilty of a few of these newbie errors.

Kate's daisy dress is just delightful - who says you can't wear pastels in autumn?

I'm coveting Carrie's lovely ASOS Cardigan after reading about her adventures in Helsinki - perfect for casual weekends.
Rebecca's Blue Vanilla dress isn't my usual style, but I'm oddly enthralled by it. It really suits her and I'm tempted to hunt one down for myself - it would be perfect for work.

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