Sausage Dogs & HoobyNoo World

by - Thursday, September 18, 2014

I like sausage dogs. And I like presents. Combine the two, and I'm pretty much sold. I've been feeling pretty rubbish and run down recently what with the pressures of post-university life, so my lovely boy decided he wanted to get me a little treat to cheer me up.

All done up in rainbow ribbon and with a sweet note, he's clearly been paying attention to my Pinterest. I've been after this little guy for quite some time now but hadn't thought about buying it for myself, so it was a lovely surprise. 

Isn't he cute? I love how HoobyNoo World have customised each of their characters with a little personality description and how it perfectly fits his little face. 

I know it's not really done to check the price of gifts, but for the purpose of this review, I thought I'd let you know that little Sebastian was only £9.99, which is pretty reasonable considering how sweet he is and the sturdy acrylic he is made of. I may swap the chain out for a slightly longer one, but otherwise I think he adds a really nice quirky element to an outfit. If Daschunds aren't your thing, make sure to visit HoobyNoo's website anyway - you can get brooches, phone cases, necklaces and more in loads of adorable prints. I particularly love the casette phone case, fox earrings and flamingo necklace.

Have you visited HoobyNoo World before?

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