#ootd - Breton & Pinafore

by - Friday, September 19, 2014

Dress: Primark via eBay | Top: H&M via eBay | Watch: Timex | Necklace: HoobyNoo World | Shoes: Topshop

A casual Outfit Of The Day for you all as I get to grips with my new tripod - blogger boyfriend isn't available all the time to indulge my vanity whims. I've been completely in love with this denim pinafore ever since I snared it for 99p on eBay - I think it's straight shape is a lot more flattering that my old skater pinafore and helps it look a little more adult, a little less school uniform. The shortness definitely helps in this sphere too - this length definitely would have got sent home after registration. The H&M top was another fab buy that I practically live in - the three quarter sleeves make a great transitional item as does the almost towelling fabric. 

I'm planning lots more outfit posts on here, not because I really expect people to find my 'random bargains chucked together' style particularly inspirational, but because a) it'll be interesting for myself in the future to look back at what I liked to wear and b) the bloggersphere already has enough classically beautiful girls wearing brand new ensembles that cost hundred of pounds. I absolutely adore those sorts of blogs and I'm not hating on anyone, but hey, I love a good bargain and I've never much seen the point in following trends. So here's to my little blogs lack of full price items, lack of clothes you can currently buy in store and lack of entirely tamed hair. Sorry not sorry. 

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