Company Spotlight - Feminist Apparel

by - Saturday, September 13, 2014

I like feminism, I like clothes. So when I discovered this morning during my usual Saturday sofa Twitter browse, it took some serious restraint to hide my debit card and refrain from ordering the whole darn site. 

As a company, Feminist Apparel are a non-profit organisation who use slogans to help kill off stereotypes of women and rally against the perpetuation of feminism as a 'woman only' movement. Their mission statement is incredibly admirable - 

"We hold the idea that you can be a feminist if you simply believe and act on equality. Men, women, and people who say no to the gender binary are all welcome to the movement. That’s why we create t-shirts that range from XS-5XL, cover issues ranging from street harassment to gender stereotypes, and feature designs from our Feminist Creatives community that gives up and coming feminist designers an opportunity to share their work and get paid for it. There’s no reason that equality should be unpopular. Purchase a t-shirt, tell your friends about it, and know that you’re doing a valuable service by calling out sexism in your community and creating an inclusive mainstream movement toward equality. You Can Feminist, and anyone else can too."
With most tops priced around the $29.95 mark (approx £18.41), everything is super reasonable and would make a great gift for the equality loving gal (or indeed guy) in your life. My personal favourite has to be the hyper kitsch 'Cats Against Catcalls' print, but to be honest I love all eight above. Definite one for the Christmas list! I love how they encourage their fans to submit slogans and artwork too - it's a brilliant way of ensuring that their brand and message stays totally relevant. 

Have you shopped with Feminist Apparel before? Visit their site at

*this post is entirely unsponsored - I just really love their products! 

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