You're the only friend I need

by - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Dress, Sunglasses and Flower Crown: Primark | Bag: Kilo Sale

Although anyone who knows me wouldn't have too much of a problem describing me as a workaholic, I surprised myself on my recent Bournemouth trip by basically doing absolutely nothing. The pitiful wi-fi connection meant I had no real opportunity to work, check social media, or really do anything at all aside from relax. Whilst this sounds like the very definition of a 21st Century nightmare, it was remarkably freeing.

So what did I do instead of constantly refreshing my Twitter? I skipped rocks into the sea, went on long walks, sat on the beach and most of all, read LOTS of books and magazines. I shan't go into too much detail as some I will be reviewing here across the coming days/weeks, but I can't tell you how comforting it was to find myself sinking back into the world of reading for pleasure - I'd totally forgotten how calming it is to lose yourself in somebody else's world. It's something I vow to make more time for in my regular life and will hopefully be able to share with you all on here. Jenessa Likes To Read anyone?

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