A good place to think of the future is when you are sat at the sea

by - Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dress: Vintage | Bag: Thrifted | Belt: Primark

And so we have arrived at my final outfit post from my week at Hoburne Naish! I've really enjoyed taking these photos even if I had have to look like a silly poser in front of randomers every now and then - all in the name of fashion blogging eh? The last day of our trip was one of my favourites - we got the bus to Boscombe and spent a wonderful morning trawling the plentiful vintage, record and charity shops along the high street (Clobber and The Attic were my absolute favourites), before meeting my friend Georgie for a Wetherspoons lunch. I can't say I prefer Bournemouth to my adopted hometown of Huddersfield - it's a bit of a grimy city and people seemed a little rude, but I LOVED the vibe in Boscanova's coffee shop - running a little coffee shop exactly like theirs but with a vintage store attached is basically my perfect daydream.

A week away also gave me lots of time to reflect on my life and my goals for the future. Whilst that sounds pretty grand and epic, I only mean in so much that I really want to commit to taking the times to do things I really enjoy - running this blog, reading, finding a fulfilling part time job and taking some time before I go back to my studies. It was lovely disconnecting for the week, but now I'm ready for a new challenge. Wish me luck!

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