Outfit: Job Interview

by - Monday, July 14, 2014

From Left to Right: Blouse (H&M), Blazer (Mine was from The East End Thrift Store, but this similar style is available at New Look), Loafers (New Look via ASOS), Watch (Timex), Skirt (Topshop), Bag (Cath Kidston - Mine was a different pattern but this is just as cute!), Necklace (New Look), Lipstick (Rimmel Heather Shimmer)

Part of being a University graduate and being a proper adult (eek!) means going to job interviews. A few weeks ago I donned my fanciest attire (including my beautiful duck egg jacket that I bought at the East End Thrift Store for £2, outrageous bargain) to apply for a Graduate Teacher position in the Media department at an incredible, exciting school. Whilst the interview went really well, they quite understandably offered the job to somebody else with more experience with production equipment, and it felt like I was back to square one. That it until they rang me back, told me how impressed they were with me and offered me a different, but equally amazing and rewarding job in their pastoral care department that they had decided I would be perfect for. It wasn't something I'd thought about or even really acknowledged the existence for, but I realised as soon as I saw the description that it was something I'd be pretty perfect for too.

Although this position unfortunately fell through due to lack of funding, it did give me the kick I needed to decide what I want to do, at least for now. Being the sort of person who normally has the next year planned out almost to the day, it feels pretty scary to be teetering on the edge of such uncertainty, but with my graduation ceremony in exactly one week, I'm trying hard to remember than it's okay to take my time, fill in as many applications as possible and (within reason), refuse to settle until I have found what I want and need. Whilst I love education and will always consider going back to get my Masters and PhD at some point in my life, I know that this is something I can always go back to and it'll be worth my while to take a break, earn some money and enjoy the new challenge of being part of the workforce. I've already got an interview lined up this week and a few more applications closing soon, so hopefully the future is bright.

Only time can tell where I'll be this time next year and how happy I'll be. But there is one thing I can be sure of - Duck Egg jackets are always a good idea.

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