July Lust List

by - Saturday, July 05, 2014

Another month, another list of things I would be willing to blow my paycheck on. That is of course, if I had a paycheck - having just finished up University and deciding to take a small break to de-stress and focus on freelance work (some paid, some just for fun), my budget is looking a little tight this month. Still, having been offered my dream job to start in September (fingers crossed for the finalities all to go to plan), there is light on the horizon for me to have a little more pocket money than the paltry funds I'm picking up my selling my cast offs on eBay. But I digress. This months lust list:

Ikea Smaslug Sausage Dog
With my dream of owning a real life daschund named Maurice (complete with french blue and white jumper) seemingly destined to remain on the pinterest board for a few years longer, the nearest I'm going to get is this little furry friend, who's only a fiver in Ikea. Unfortunately a trip to my Leeds branch last week yielded no results (ignoring the awesome 50p flamingo tumblers I picked up), but I'm sure i'll get my hands on his lovely little face soon.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
With a seaside holiday fast looming, I am in major need of a holiday read. The original plan was to finally go for 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green, but after sobbing my heart out in the cinema I don't really want to spend my Bournemouth trip snuffling into my beach towel. 'Fangirl' looks suitably cheerier, and comes with some hefty recommendations - I love a good teeny read that manages to incorporate really modern aspects of growing up and popular culture. Plus, it's nice and thick - I'm a fast reader and I can't be dealing with lugging half a library away on a trip.

Clarks Haber Sandals
The one purchase from this list that will definitely transpire into real life should my job go swimmingly is these Clarks Sandals, retailing at £39.99. They may not look all that much, but they really are my perfect shoe - feminine, with a sensible heel, easily dressed up or down, in a nice neutral colour... yep, I'm sold. Plus of course, they're Clarks, and therefore almost guaranteed to fit like your foots solemate (see what I did there)

Green Dress from Lavish Alice
Many, many things from Lavish Alice could have ended up on this list, but this little dress is so effortlessly 'Moonrise Kingdom' that I'm struggling to resist it. Green isn't colour I wear very often despite this fresh mint being one of my favourite shades; I love how the simple shape and lack of pattern really allows the colour to do the talking - plus it's only £16 in the sale.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs
I am yet to be lucky enough to own a full sized Marc Jacobs fragrance, but my god, would you look at that bottle. With notes of blackberry, grapefruit and coconut, it sounds like the perfect option for summer and massively in line with my own love of fruity scents.

Pandora Daisy Ring
This is a little pricey for me at £40 but I love how modern yet delicate it is - it would really set off a patterned summer dress and add just the right amount of daytime girliness. If anyone is reading and fancies getting me a graduation present, you know what to do.

Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle
Until I moved into a house I was really proud of, candles never really crossed my mind as something I bothered to spend money on. Now I've become about as houseproud as a less glam Kirstie Allsopp and am desperate to have all of my friends round for cocktails and a round of monopoly, they're a must have. After a recent wander round my local House of Fraser, I discovered this limited edition Yankee scent and fell in love. Sure, its almost sickly sweet, but the delicious birthday cake aroma had my mouth watering and felt so inviting - exactly what I want our new home to be.

Matalan Polka Dot Top
I'm not sure why for something that is ultimately a fairly boring top, but I really like this £5 Matalan number. Maybe it's the subtle shades, but it seems to be a much more grown up way of sporting my favourite polka dots and again, would look good dressed up or down.

Pink and Purple  996 New Balances 
Anyone who knows me knows that trainers aren't really my thing (I wear too many dresses, and the Lily Allen circa 2006 look doesn't really work for me), but something about this pair just have me. Probably all the pink. I'm putting them on this list less because I'm likely to buy them anytime soon, but more as a pledge to purge my wardrobe of childish patterns, dress more minimally and then hopefully be able to pull off a pair of these bad boys as casually as if I was off to London Fashion Week. A girl can dream.

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  1. Ugh, tell me about the paycheck issues, interning is fun but it doesn't half take it out of your bank account! That sausage dog is SO cute, wasn't expecting it to be from Ikea, and the daisy ring is so sweet, even if a little out of both our price ranges - one day, eh? xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. I know right, especially when you're commuting somewhere with so many tempting shops. Hope your internship is going well- I love your blog (little fangirl moment, I've been reading for ages!), you do a great job of managing both that and all your work experience. Best of luck to you xx