Book Club: Alexa Chung, 'It'

by - Thursday, July 17, 2014

After reading pages and pages of mixed reviews on Amazon and the like, I was pretty dubious about purchasing the memoirs-cum-scrapbook of Fashion Icon Alex Chung. I absolutely adore her thrown on, almost Parisian chic style, but had my doubts that this would be any more than a vanity project, full of pictures and vapid text.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to part with any money for my Chung fix - the notoriously rubbish Huddersfield Town Library bizarrely had a copy. I carried it home on a very hot day, found myself locked out of the house and spent the hour wait for my boyfriend to come home perusing it's contents.

That this book took me less than an hour to read cover to cover says something - this is not a book to pack for your holidays for a lengthy read by the pool. Nor is it one that will give you the answer to how Alexa manages to always find the perfect bretons, the rock stars boyfriends, or the 'I woke up like this - no actually, I really did' bed hair. Instead, it's a hipsterlicious collection of images that I presume inspire Chung, with some brief commentary on how she found her style. Much like the woman herself, it's wry, relatable and funny in parts, but keeps it's observations short and mysterious, rarely letting it's guard down the way you might expect from a traditional memoir or autobiography.

So would I recommend? To anybody who is a massive Alexa Chung fan, absolutely. It's a lovely way to while away a few moments and I found the section on style icons a nice way of pushing me to consider my own fashion inspiration and sense of dress. However, I'm not sure I'd be feeling quite as satisfied if I'd had parted with £8.99 for it, or if I'd been looking to really learn anything. It's length and picture-heavy content means it comes across a little like a magazine read - enjoyable, but not necessarily something to keep and read again and again. A bit of a mixed bag then, but hey, it sure looks nice on a coffee table.

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  1. Lovely and clear review, I really like the layout of the book but I'm not persuaded to read it, thanks because for me it'd be a waste of time since I am not a great fan! x