2000 Trees

by - Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tired and pretty darn suntanned, I got home from Cheltenham's 2000 Trees Festival last sunday and am still feeling the withdrawal symptoms. As a first time visitor, my overall impressions were fantastic - logistically speaking, it was probably one of the best camping festivals I've been to. Toilets were nearly spotless all weekend, catering was tasty and affordable and generally speaking, there was a distinct lack of the sort of irritating, rude people you normally get at festivals. The bands were pretty ace too - I particularly enjoyed Wolf Alice, Brawlers, The Bronx, Ben Marwood and Blood Red Shoes. Looking forward to hopefully heading back next year armed with my proper SLR, although my trusty little digital didn't hold up too bad! It looks like the festival was pretty popular with my fellow bloggers too - Becky of Becky Bedbug's Trees series has been keeping my post-concert emo at bay.

For a full review of the music, pop on over to my other blog, www.safetyinsound.com or click the link here 

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time - I want to go to a festival so badly now! x