The 2014 Topshop Summer Sale: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

by - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Like dodgy tans and overweight blokes who feel it's acceptable to walk down the street in union jack flip flops, micro shorts and little else, the Topshop sale is a ubiquitous part of british summertime. I've already found myself scrabbling for bargains in my local Huddersfield store (rather successfully - hello ever-so-hardly damaged necklace jumper reduced from £46 to £3), and will no doubt be considering an online order or five now it's hit the website.

However, the sales also drags up those items that make you cry WHY?! You know the sort, only came out a few weeks ago and already less than a fiver in the sale. Like any forward thinking retailer, Topshop doesn't always get it right. In fact, sometimes their offerings are downright heinous. Here are the good, the bad and the ugly of the summer sales, as chosen by moi.

The Good 

Pastels, Gingham and subtlety - what's not to love? The parka (now down to £30) comes at a perfect time for Festival season, the Pink jacket would be ideal for any graduate job and the denim bralet and gingham trousers is a holiday outfit just waiting to happen. Hold me and my debit card back.

The Bad 

When Topshop goes rogue, they do have a habit of turning items which could have been great into 'just wrong' garments by ill tailoring choices. The Hayden jeans? Sure, they may be named after my favourite member of Wild Beasts, but those patches are just too much. Same goes for the jumpsuit, where the fit is just a little too 'Orange Is The New Black' for my liking. And the Jones & Jones dress? I adore their brand, but what is this industry obsessions with cutouts? It baffles me. And let's not even start on the rabbit ears - where is one really expected to wear these? 

The Ugly

Horrible prints and fabrics are the major letdowns of Topshop this season. The bodycon dress would have been just fine had it chosen to stick to one motif, but the floral/check/stripe/squares combo is just too much for my eyes to bear. The fluffy dress? Perfect for a Monsters Inc. themed party, but not overly practical for anything else. The less said about the sweaty stripper skirt the better, and the snoop dogg pants? Sure, they may only be £2, but think of the Poundland nail varnishes or the Candy King you could buy instead for that. Definite no brainer. 

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  1. I'm definitely harbouring a secret lust for anything fluffy so that ugly dress is a dream to me haha! The snoop dog pants just upset me every time I see them though. Totally agree with you on all the 'good' pieces, especially the jewellery. x