June Lust List

by - Monday, June 16, 2014

Another month, another lust list! Here are all the things I'm dreaming of in June...

Now that I have a huge house, huge white bedroom and a summer stretching out in front of me, I'm determined to start putting more outfit posts up on this blog - might as well make use of all these clothes I'm buying right? Unless I can convince the boy to put up with my ludicrous poses (and I'm sure I'd feel a little too self conscious anyway), a tripod is the way forward and they're surprisingly cheap. 

Chevron Duvet from Tesco
Moving house has inspired me to inject some bolder and less fussy prints into my bedroom and this Chevron duvet is bang on trend and a steal from Tesco - just £9.50 for a double.

White Midi Skirt from Primark
Nothing says impracticality like a pure white skirt, but this Primark number would look ever so pretty on a summer holiday with wedge heels, vest and a simple 50s round neck cardi.

Pink Gingham Blouse from New Look
I'm not sure I've quite gotten over walking out on H&M's Pink Gingham top in Leeds Trinity the other week, but New Look's version comes pretty close and is about a fiver cheaper. 

Milkshake Tumblers from Habitat
Unfortunately my beloved cheapo ikea tumblers got broken in the move, so what better excuse than to replace them with pastel perfection in a glass? These Habitat ones comes in beautiful ice cream shades and look a darn sight fancier than my 50p ones.

Twisted Sista Curl Activator
Deciding to put down the straighteners and relaxers and work with my natural hair means a hell of a lot more product. This twisted sista curl activator seems to work really well to define my curls  and is only 99p in Home Bargains, but the bottles are so teeny I'm desperately seeking a bigger version.

Primark Pastel Beach Tote 
£4 I was itching to spend but just couldn't justify last time I was in Primark, my need for this tote has become entirely validated by my upcoming beach holiday (round 2) to Dorset. Plenty of space for my camera, sunglasses, and a weeks worth of reading material.

Matalan Canvas High Tops
My trusty black converse gave out a little while ago and I am still mourning their loss. I can't really justify £40+ on a pair of trainers at the moment but these £12 pink cuties from Matalan could plug the void for summer at least.

H&M Baby Blue Tote
October will hopefully bring with it a PhD/ a full time job, so a bag big enough to cope with this and still look adult and stylish is firmly on the agenda. This lovely specimen is from H&M and is a little pricey at £40, but looks sturdy enough to justify the price tag.

Wireless Festival Ticket
Drake, Kanye and Outkast. Need I say any more? I think not.

Mollie Makes Blogging Special Edition
At the top of my 'to do' list this summer is to pay some more attention to my poor ailing blogs - more posts, better content and a slightly more regular approach are all on firmly on my agenda. The Mollie Makes Blogging special might be a tad pricey for a magazine at £10, but it looks like it'll contain lots of handy hints for injecting a little more fairy dust into my blogging approach.

Betty Magazine
Despite being a bona fide magazine addict and lusting over the flawless page design for months, I still haven't gotten my hands on my very own copy of Betty magazine yet. This month might be the one...

Notebooks from mochithings.com
The perfect size, shape and complete with customisable tags, these mochithings pads are perfect for people like me who insist on order for everything. I'll take five please...

What are you lusting over this month?

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