East End Thrift Store Haul

by - Sunday, May 25, 2014

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As part of my birthday antics in London, I finally got to visit The East End Thrift Store. Whilst my job as editor of Judy's Affordable Vintage Mag means I'm pretty loyal to their kilo sales, it's always nice to check out the competition and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found at The East End alternative: a £10 and a £20 sized bag, and the challenge to fill as many as you liked with as many goodies that could fit inside (provided the handles met!)

Warning: this is not a thrift shop for the faint hearted. There was stuff literally EVERYWHERE, and a lot of it was pretty damaged, dirty, smelly or all three. Still, if you fancy a good fixer-upper and are the type of person who enjoys looking for items with potential rather that the finished article, you could do a lot worse than visiting. We stayed for well over an hour sifting through huge jackets, endless flannel and plenty of hipsterlicious t shirts until I found a selection of pastel gems perfect for summer-ising my wardrobe. 

And here's my treasure! A blazer, cardigan, jumper, skirt and a pair of shorts for £10, can't really say fairer than that! Everything is a little crumpled because of how hapharzardly it was thrown in the bins but it's nothing a good iron couldn't sort out - the Blazer in particular came up a treat after my mum ironed it out and scrubbed up the cuffs for me. The shorts may well be my favourite vintage find ever - when Kev pulled them out I loved the colours but wasn't initially sure they'd fit me, but I'm so glad I took the risk because they are amazingly comfy, high waisted enough to be on trend but with a long enough leg that I don't feel as I'm Miley Cyrusing if I wear them without tights. I wish they had a co-ord jacket - Clueless worthy 90s chic.

Have you been vintage hunting recently?

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