Ugly Betty who? My very first pair of glasses

by - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

After nearly 21 years of priding myself on being the only non-glasses wearer of my entire extended family, I am sad to say that unlike Justin Timberlake, my 20/20 experience is no more.

Whether it be the stress of the coursework, increasing amounts of time spent at the the computer or just the fact that I was too lazy to go to the opticians for years (oops), I found myself with a two week long headache that ended up in the emergency doctors surgery before the final realisation that my right eye was struggling to keep up with my left.

Initially I was pretty sad, because glasses definitely seemed like an expense I could do without. Still, once I realised that I would only need them for reading, I figured it was as good an excuse as any to update my look.

After several rounds of Specsavers, I was feeling pretty despondent. Hipsterlicious Hoxton Wayfarers were far too round for my chubby cheeks, whilst squarer frames left me feeling like I was back in school waiting to do an experiment with a bunsen burner. I wanted something fun, in a light enough shade that they didn't look too heavy on my face, but also sturdy enough that I didn't feel I was spending my money on nothing.

And so I found these bad boys. Heeeelllo French Connection.

Sure, they weren't cheap, but with 25% student discount, I managed to snap these prescription frames up for £74. Specsavers also offer a 2 for £99 deal with means you can get two pairs the same, with clear frames, or as prescription sunglasses. Tempting, but as my taste in sunglasses changes with the season and I really have no need for two pairs of glasses, I figured I was better off saving my pennies.

And so here we have my first speccy instagram selfie! What do you think? 

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