How To: Floralise Your Storage!

by - Monday, April 07, 2014

After having such a lovely time with my cushion tutorial for the Hillary's blog competition (the results of which will be popping up here next week on this link!), I thought it'd be fun to share another tutorial with you. This one originally appeared in issue 2 of Judy's Affordable Vintage Digest and is a great way of turning a boring bit of storage into something more fun.

What you will need
Pretty paper - I used wallpaper samples - you can get decent sized squares free from most hardware stores. Decoupage paper would also work.
Spray Adhesive - But do remember to work in a well ventilated area
Paint - I used white, but you can pick whatever you like. One or so matchbox sample pots should be plenty.
Pencil, scrap paper and scissors
A storage box - I got mine from a clear out with the cafe I used to work at shut down, but ikea do this very similar one for £17.

 Step by Step Guide

Firstly, gather all your material on a flat surface, put newspaper down to save from any drips and make yourself a brew - this could take a while!

Pull out your drawers and give them a good clean, especially if like mine, your draw set isn't brand new. Don't worry too much if things are written on the fronts - this will be covered up by the paper later.

Sand down any imperfections with sandpaper, or if you haven't got any handy and your box is cheap MDF like mine, the rough side of a scouring brush should be enough to remove any major imperfections. Don't get too bogged down in this part - the odd flaw will add to the shabby chic charm.

Taking care not to overload your brush with paint, cover the box all over, making sure to paint in one direction. One coat worked fine for me, but if it's looking a little streaky or you're using a thin paint, let it dry and apply another.

Draw round one of your drawers onto paper to make a template. This will be especially important in a few steps if like me, your chest is missing drawers - by tracing the template out on thick cardboard, you can make dummy drawers.

Trim your prettiest papers down to size and work out your arrangement of patterns. I chose a busy spring palette, but ombre effects, block colours and one big images spread over the 6 boxes also works well.

Spray a thin layer of adhesive onto your box, let it settle for a few seconds and then place your chosen paper sample gently on top, smoothing out any bubbles.

Trim down any excess...

Repeat and leave to dry.

 Remember that cardboard from earlier? Follow the sample principle to create dummy box fronts, and then squeeze them into place.

And there we have it! A lovely spring chest to store all your bits and bobs in. I'm currently using mine for stationery and odds and ends, but it'd be a great way to store sewing items, cosmetics or jewellery. 

If you end up making a chest, let me know - I'd love to see your designs! 

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