Blue skies are coming...

by - Saturday, March 22, 2014

There is a lot of faffing around in the media at the moment about the gender stereotyping that comes from putting baby boys in blue and girls in pink, but there is no denying that I am through and through a  pink girl. I love all shades, from bubblegum to magenta, and if there is a way of working it into an outfit, I will. Pink nails with a Green Dress? As Drake once said, yolo.

Despite my love affair with the 'girls' colour, I have found myself gravitating to blue a lot more now spring is approaching - I'm practically living in my denim dungadress or chambray polka dot blouse, and my (admittedly hideous) baby blue backpack comes to Uni with me everyday. Maybe it's the connotations it has with cool swimming pools and clear skies, but I feel it really lifts my wardrobe and duck egg shades particularly appeal to my love of shabby chic. Whilst I am definitely lacking in blue dresses, here are a few things I've picked up recently to add my new favourite colour into my wardrobe.

Rimmel Nail Varnish in 'Too Cool To Tango'

Whenever I fancy a new nail colour, its always Rimmel that I turn to. This blue is super highly pigmented and as always with the 60 seconds range, only needs one coat. I'm not sure whether I just picked a bad one or not, but the consistency was a little gloopier and streaky than I normally expected from Rimmel, but still, it's a cheap and cheerful way to modernise a look - it really does look as if you've coloured your nails in with a highlighter, it's that bright!. 

H&M Breton via eBay

Although my breton hunt initially began wanting a basic black and white striped number, that perfect baggy style with a pocket all seem to be super expensive, even on eBay. I blame Alexa Chung - she always looks so effortless in hers that I don't think they'll ever be going out of fashion. Still, I managed to bag this one from an eBay seller for just £2.99, and I actually really love it's distressed colour. I'm looking forward to pairing it with a simple black skater skirt and sandals, under my dungas or with leggings and vans on a lazy day.

A pretty short shop this time, but with only three weeks left to go before I hand in my third year projects and a few christmas vouchers still to spend, I've promised myself a little shopping trip to Leeds very soon. Stay tuned for that!

What colours have you been loving recently?

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