Snap-happy with Stickygram

by - Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another homeware related post! Not too long ago I was contacted my the lovely people at Stickygram who offered me a trial of their products. Having heard of stickygram from a few friends, I was firmly on board to sample their instagram magnets.

I don't know anyone my age who isn't a little bit in love with Instagram. Cute filters, a dinky interface and the perfect excuse to upload pictures of your dinner and pretend that everyone else cares... whats not to love?

When Stickygram offered me the chance to turn any 9 of my favourite Instagram shots into mini magnets, I decided to box clever. What do I really want to look at on my fridge? After racking my brains, I decided on the two most important things in my life at the moment: my friends, and music. Fast forward through some agonising decisions, a very speedy postal delivery and I had these babies in my hands.

Pretty snazzy eh? A collection of some of my favourite records (see which ones you can guess!) and my best friends, my fridge freezer is going to be looking a whole lot happier. I can't fault stickygrams super quick delivery or the quality of these magnets. They feel strong despite being only sheet magnets, and the print repro-quality is great. With prices starting at just £10, I'm contemplating buying more - how great would these look covering a whole side of a filing cabinet? If magnets aren't your thing, stickygram also offer customised phone and ipad cases for you to adorn with your favourite images, the perfect way to stand out from everyone else.

Have you tried Stickygram before?

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