My cosy little room tour

by - Monday, February 17, 2014

It seems to be virtually impossible these days to be a blogger and not do one of these... you guessed it, the room tour. Below you can see what goes on in my teeny tiny, messy little bedroom in Huddersfield. Much as I love our cosy little home, I can't wait to move out into somewhere a little larger where my clothes don't look as if they're trying to escape from my tiny wardrobe, and I can actually plan seriously how I want my space to look. You probably wouldn't think it to look below, but I LOVE white space... it would be my dream to live in a Scandinavian loft apartment with a little sausage dog and lovely knick knacks scattered around.  At the moment this room is more of a dressing room than a bedroom - I spend a lot of time in my boyfriend's larger room so this has ended up as more of a walk in closet. Every girls dream...

 The Wardrobe
As you can see, I have always loved colour. I'm always envious when I read fashion blogs and see the beautiful, muted capsule wardrobes other girls seem to put together, but no matter how hard i try, I'm a sucker for a vibrant pattern.

My Desk
Not much of a space to sit at really, but my desk does hold one of my most treasured possessions - my lovely Janome sewing machine that my boyfriend bought me for my 19th Birthday. The table runner I made up myself from a bit old fabric, which I'm hoping to do a lot more in our new place.

My Shelves
Yet again, my shelves are a riot of colour - a mixture of my Company magazine collection, my homemade animals and various other bits and bobs... mostly stationery and hair products. Oh and of course, my teeny tiny bunting!

My Nail Varnish Collection
The only type of make up I've ever felt a real affinity with (I am definitely no beauty blogger), I am an awful nail Varnish hoarder. I think Rimmel are still my favourite, although I have been really impressed by Collection 2000 recently.

My Bed
I've had this bedding seemingly forever, inherited from my Nana's Queen sized bed and cut down to fit a single. I love it because it reminds me of home, but i'm hoping it will look slightly more at home in a less cluttered room. All of the cushions here apart from the cherry print one are homemade - another hobby I'd like to get back into.

What do you think of my room? 

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