Top 50 Songs of 2013: 40-31

by - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

40) Wild Nothing - A Dancing Shell
The very first time we heard this, we were transported back to a time in the mid-noughties where The Virgins were being touted as the future of rock n'roll . With the same loungey, very on sleazy nonchalance that made The Strokes such a big deal, it's a bold step forward for the Virginia clan.

39) Drenge - I Don't Want To Make Love To You
Takes the Etta James classic and subverting it the way only defiant british youths could, I Don't Want To Make Love To You is the sarky cherry on top of Drenge's self titled grunge-cake.

38) Lily Allen - Hard Out Here
It might not be the best song we've ever heard tunewise, but the feminist lyrics are great and have incited opinion from every critic and their dog. For the record, we at SIS are firmly Team Allen - whilst the video might have been a tad poorly advised, we're sure her attempt to satirise misognyistic rap videos had nothing but good, not racist, intentions. 

37) Janelle Monae - Dance Apocalyptic
Contender for the most entertaining female popstar since Lady Gaga first shocked the world several years ago, Janelle Monae's slightly bonkers concept album was a treat, and spawned this single which is guaranteed to get your toe tapping whilst wistfully wishing you were part of her girl gang.

36) Duke Dumont feat A.M.E - Need U (100%)
A slight curveball on our part, but hey, when a song's good, it's good. Whilst the undeniably talented A.M.E's debut single drew modest attention, such is the way of the music industry that joining up with a super producer can be just the boost to turn you nationwide. Her sassy yet super-sweet vocal made this track an EDM crossover summer hit.

35)King Krule - Baby Blue
Seedy but beautiful, like  a gritty, drunken cover of My Funny Valentine, Baby Blue by King Krule (Archy Marshall to his Mother) is an ode to overwhelming love and the desperation to prove your affections. Gaining celebrity fans all over the shop, he won't be desperate much longer.

34)Sleigh Bells - Young Legends 
After years and years of finding them unlistenably abrasive but yet oddly appealing, 2013 was the year SIS  finally had our Sleigh Bells epiphany. Toning down the noise in favour of some Destiny's Child worthy RnB melodies, Young Legends strikes the perfect balance between being unique and being Radio friendly. 

33)Chloe Howl - No Strings 
The natural heir to Kate Nash's observational romantic humour with an unapologetic accent, Chloe Howl is our shout from the BBC Sound Of... list. While any of her tracks from this year could have made the list, No Strings was our pick, if only for the pithy putdown 'with all this love you're collecting'I hate to think of what you're collecting'  

32)Beyonce - Bow Down/ Flawless 
It was only a snippet, designed to promote her now seemingly omnipresent world tour. But 'Bow Down/I Been On' complete with azealia-banks worthy hyperactivity and half speed raps was enough to show (and indeed, shock) the world that Beyonce had a three dimensional personality, wetting appetites for her secretly released album. It was there that is was fleshed out into Flawless, an incredibly empowered feminist anthem. A classy act indeed.

31)Kanye West - Bound 2 
One half of the year's second most googled couple (behind Royalty, of course) Bound 2's  bordering on sex tape with Fiancee Kim Kardashian is sure to embarrass daughter north in years to come whilst racking up their profile even further. However, it doesnt change the fact that the song is a collaged beautiful mess of West's now iconic drawl, Charlie Wilson's booming holler and the question we've all been asking ourselves: 'what would Jeromey romey rome think?' 

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