TOP 50 Songs of 2013: 30-21

by - Thursday, January 02, 2014

30)Bombay Bicycle Club - Carry Me
Making Balearic Euphoria fuse with catchy indie in the way only they know how, Carry Me is a hands in the air comeback from one of Britain's most engaging guitar acts. Finally making use of a sample lead singer Jack Steadman has been sitting on in his solo work for years, it a welcome return.

29)Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
Thrown into the mainstream with their Mercury Nominated, ice cream scented 'The English Riviera', Metronomy returned late this year with another lovelorn earworm, this time with a little ghetto bump and grind in it's back pocket. The soundtrack for assessing compatibility across a dancefloor, it's a lusty look into modern romance.

28)Local Natives - Columbia
Proof that great pain does indeed make great art, Local Natives encapsulated the pain that comes from losing a parent on this ruminating slow burner. Asking the question 'Am I Giving Enough?' it forces the listener to question their own relationships against a backdrop of delicate but definitive piano.

27)Daft Punk - Doin It Right
It may have been overshadowed by THAT song of the summer, but in SIS's opinion, Random Access Memories owes as much to Pharrell as it does to Panda Bear. Known for his 'day job' with Animal Collective, the Beach Boys harmonies he brings to the table add some California Loving to the duo's metallic sheen.

26) Drenge - Bloodsports
The track that first drew our attention to Brothers Loveless, Bloodsports still remains their most immediate point of entry level. A guaranteed hit amongst Queens Of The Stone Age fans, it's breakdown riff and frantic verses are a thrillride live.

25) Arctic Monkeys - I Want It All
It's official: Arctic Monkeys are no longer just an indie band. The Glam Rock stomp and breathless falsetto of I Want It All cements them as a true arena size force of entertainment, despite being '2000 light years from home'. Sheffield this ain't.

24)Disclosure - F For You
It's an age old trick of the music business: if your song only has one verse and a chorus, it's bound to get catchy. A natural single, F For You allows the brothers to play instruments live, already putting them head and shoulders above many of their EDM-flirting contemporaries.

23)The Postal Service - Turnaround
Marking the re-release of seminal album 'Give Up', this one off treat from Owl City's natural forefathers revived faith that synth-pop indie didn't die with New Rave.

22)Drake - From Time 
An album track from one of SIS's albums of the year, From Time sees Drake pulled back to earth by Jhene Aiko's confident assurance that she 'loves me enough for the both of us.' Destined for many an RnB chillout record, it's a reminder that hip hop can be minimal and still pack a punch.

21)Ben Marwood - Under Lock and Key
SIS may be biased due to being somewhat acquainted with the singer, but this highlight from the singer songwriter latest record 'Back Down' seeps into your consciousness the way only great, honest songwriting can. Hopefully 2014 will be his year.

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