TOP 50 Songs of 2013: 20-11

by - Saturday, January 04, 2014

20)Lorde- Royals
The song that brought this precocious teen to the world attention, Lorde's Royals is the perfection encapsulation of modern hipster celebrity culture, the audio equivalent of scrolling through the Jenner sisters Tumblr blog. Lyrics aside, it's pretty darn catchy too.

19)Haim - Don't Save Me
There's a few we cold have picked from, but sisters Haim first pricked our ears up with this Fleetwood Mac- worthy shimmy. We dare you not to pick up those backing vocals.

18)Vampire Weekend - Diane Young
Touted by many critics as the album of the year, Vampire Weekend's return was a mature but good-time affair, no more obvious than on this Elvis-aping, rock and roll rabble. See if you can spot all the cameos in the video.

17)Paramore - Ain't It Fun
Whilst Paramore may have abandoned the God-fearing lyrics of their early work, their Christian background showed through in Ain't It Fun, in the form of a cracking down-home Gospel choir that gives platform to Hayley Williams strong soprano.

16)Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie
We waited patiently, and Justin Timberlake rewarded us after a 6 year break with not one but two full length albums. Whilst the latter effort might have been a bit of a letdown, the former gave us Suit and Tie, sexy yet endearing in a way only JT knows how.

15)Little Mix - Move
We never though this day would come, but the heirs to Destiny's Child's sassy RnB throne finally presented themselves in 2013 as X Factor winners Little Mix. From the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' cherry pop backing to the structure that allows each girl her own moment to step up, it's girl power revisited.

14)Los Campesinos! - Avocado Baby
 A slight departure for one of SIS's most loved bands, Avocado Baby's cheerleader chant made in an instant live classic that proved the centrepiece of one of our favourite gigs of 2013. Bonus points also to the comedy video - classic Los Camp in action.

13)A$ap Rocky - Wild For The Night
Teaming up with Skrillex, this obnoxious hit is positively swollen with bravado, it's air horn puncturing Rocky's menacing snarl as he tells us that he intends to 'fuck being polite.' It's not clever, but it certainly is big.

12)Foals - My Number 
Both a highlight and a bane of my professional music journalism life in 2013 (the riff from this song is almost impossible to loop), after the introspect of Total Life Forever, Foals were back to their bouncy best on this single which became the highlight of festival season.

11)Beyonce - XO
Just slipping in at the last minute, Beyonce's first single from her self titled record was a remarkably tame affair in contract to the rest of the record, but proved that heartfelt 'let's enjoy our last moments together' pop will never be less affecting.

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