TOP 50 Songs of 2013: 10-1

by - Sunday, January 05, 2014

10)Paramore - Last Hope
A ballad that builds and builds into a beautiful crescendo of determination, Last Hope carries the same heartwarming, sad-yet-somehow triumphant anthemic nature that hasn’t been pulled off in this genre since 2007’s lesser known Fall Out Boy Track, The (After) Life Of The Party. Stirring stuff.

9)Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
Finally translating their long-term love affair with Dr. Dre into their music, WYOCMWYH is the sexy elder brother of old Arctics favourite The View From The Afternoon, a misadvised call to a lover under the influence. Who knew being a hot mess could sound so cool?

8)Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge - White Noise
A crossover hit for not only Disclosure but AlunaGeorge also, this sound is responsible for all those 'EDM classics' compilation albums you're seeing advertised on telly at the moment. It still remains their biggest crowd pleaser, the 'drop' played with more precision than many of their contemporaries.

7)Daft Punk - Get Lucky
There's no getting around it - this was THE sound of the summer. There's nothing overwhelming clever about it - just a disco beat, repetitive chorus and silky smooth vocals from Pharrell. What a way to make a comeback.

6)Daughter - Smother
 An elegant encapsulation of what it feels like to be ridden with the youthful melancholy of failed relationships and self loathing, the delicate instrumentation of Smother ebb and flows over such heart-rending confessions as Smother’s ‘Sometimes I wish I’d stayed inside my mother/never to come out’. 

5)Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves
Opening with the undeniable vocal of Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit, Blood On The Leaves makes menacing use of Kanye's now infamous autotune, 'we could have been somebody' sounding as much a threat as a regret. Haunting and bold in equal measure.

4)Jon Hopkins and Hayden Thorpe - Goodbye Horses
Originally by Q Lazzarus track has been covered multiple times, but no more blissfully that by this meeting of minds between two of the UK's most delicate and artistic musicians. All in a days work for Hayden Thorpe, who is used to delivering this sort of heart twinging, melancholy romance in his day job in Wild Beasts.

3)Lorde - Ribs
Whilst it may seem a little ludicrous for a 17 year old to be fearing old age, Ribs sums up perfectly the limbo between being a child and an adult, and the fractious emotions that occur along the way with remarkable insight.

2)Local Natives - Heavy Feet
Many think of California’s Local Natives as the jolly festival singalong band, but 2013’s Hummingbird and it's centrepiece single Heavy Feet proved that they could do serious just as well as frivolous. Mapping the stages of singer Kelsey’s grief over his mother’s death, it's wistful reminiscence and touching regret of Columbia make for a simply stunning memorial. 

1)Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home
In a world where feminism and sexism were brought to the forefront of Musical Criticism, with Robin Thicke villified as the be all and end of misogyny, one song proved that is was possible to write a Hip Hop club track without resorting to objectification. That song was Hold On We're Going Home, which may have undone some of it's good work with a pretty pointlessly macho music video, but still remains as comfortable on the dancefloor as it does in the bedroom.

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