Lust List: February

by - Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feels like it's been an age since I did one of these! Well, I guess that probably because it has been. After being thoroughly spoilt at Christmas, I felt like it was a bit ungrateful to do a January lust list, as there was genuinely nothing I was after. But now in February it's a whole different story...

Birdhouse Design Goji Trifold Ipad Mini Case

I was lucky enough to apply for and win a business grant this year for my own start up business when I graduate in July, and should be receiving my iPad Mini as part of that soon. I'm so excited to be able to comfortably catch up with my emails and favourite blogs on the go (oh and do some work of course!) that I've been doing lots of browsing for cases. I want something girly but not your typical fussy florals, because this will be a business device for me and I want to look professional as well as fun. I fell in love with this case as soon as i saw it in PC World - not only is the pattern quirky and colourful but it's made of oilcloth (hello durability!) and does that amazing tri-fold thing that helps it stand up. All round win methinks.

Paramore Floral Bars T Shirt

I've been after this shirt since I first saw pictures of it on their North American tour, and now they've finally put it up on their webstore for just $18 (roughly a tenner), I think I may have to indulge. I often think black band t shirts can look a bit mannish, but I think the print saves this one from being resigned to bedwear (the unfortunate fate of a lot of my tour t shirts.)

Kanken Grey and Pink Backpack

Ah, the Kanken. I've been cooing over different colours for ages but think I might have pinned my lustiness on this little two-tone number. The pastel ones are gorgeous, but I can't help thinking about how quickly they'd get dirty. This looks like it'd be big enough to take my laptop as well, which would be ideal.

Matalan Tartan Kilt

By the time I actually get around to ordering this there probably won't be any left in my size, because it's in the Matalan sale for a measly THREE POUNDS FIFTY! £3.50! I know right! And it's not even a teeny tiny illegally short one! Wish me luck when I dive into my local store.

Bombay Bicycle Club and Wild Beasts Albums

Two of my favourite bands are releasing records this month, so I feel a little bit spoilt in the musical department. Looking forward to getting my hands on these so I can review them for!

Laura Ashley Storage Boxes

These boxes were part of my picks when I was putting together Homemaker Magazines 'Home Store' section for this month, but I couldn't resist putting them on here as well. I love their fresh country look and think they'd be great for storing magazines and paperwork in in a home office (more about that later)

Topshop Tartan Pencil Skirt

I'm still trying to find a slightly cheaper alternative to this one, because I think it's a little pricey for a tube skirt, but I love the colours - reminds me of that now famous Primark tartan dress that all the bloggers were scrapping over before Christmas. A great option for officewear or to dress up a band tee.

H&M Chevron Cushion Covers

Another bargain that I've probably missed out on due to their totally unbelievable cheap price, these covers are only £1.99 and come in four colours (black not pictured here). With graduation looming, my business starting and hopefully some freelance journalism work on the go too, I'm hoping that my boyfriend and I can find a little house in Huddersfield with a spare room big enough to use as a home office, and I think these cushions would really brighten up an otherwise plain room. As renters we won't be able to paint or nail things up, so any easy injections of colour are a must.

Bakerlite Style Alarm Clock

I still haven't spent the dotcomgiftshop voucher I won in a blogger competition, but I'm thinking of splurging it on this lovely bubblegum alarm clock. It's a great whimsical vintage style piece that would again look great in an office, or just next to my bed. Maybe it's make getting out of bed on a Monday morning that tiny bit easier? A girl can dream.

What have you been lusting after this month?

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