Lust List: November

by - Monday, November 04, 2013

Sorry it's been SO FREAKING LONG since I did one of these! I'm afraid what has been threatening for years has finally occured - academia has taken over my life. Still, I will post as and when I can and come April, I shall be free as a bird. Well, sorta.

Anywhooo, here are some things I have been lusting over recently. From the practical to the simply 'I wish' end of the spectrum, I hope you like my picks!

Gisela Graham Peg Garland – I have no real need for these, I just think they’re really pretty. Maybe I could pin polaroids up on them or little note-to-selfs…

Europe On A Shoestring- With uni stress at an all time high, I think I need to buy this book to remind myself of the lad and I’s summer plans to go interrailing. It might be a long way off but it’d give us both something to look forward to.

Denim Skater Skirt – After buying my first skater skirt for work off ebay a little while ago, I’m really impressed with how flattering they are and am on the look out for some thicker ones for winter.  Denim is definitely the way forward!

Cath Kidston Fluffy Stan Jumper – Like every other girl who runs a blog like mine I have been a long time luster of C-Kiddy clothes, but this is the first time I have genuinely contemplating parting with £70 for a jumper – it looks so cosy! Perfect with some snuggly boots and tights.

Orla Kiely Lilac Wool Trench – Undoubtedly my favourite designer at the moment, I would kill to have every single thing from Orla’s clothing, homeware and stationery collection. I can imagine anything much more elegant than this coat over a big frothy evening dress. So fun but so effortlessly chic.

Fujifilm Mini Instax 8 – Autumn means pretty colours right? It would be ace to capture the change in the seasons not to mention my last few months of uni in the most hipster of ways. I still think there is something so romantic about the Polaroid – no opportunity for retouching or photoshopping, just a moment caught in time. I’ll stop now before I start to sound too emo.

Kate Spade Watch – I seem to have the Worst luck with watches. Being honest, it’s probably to do with my insistence  on always buying cheap ones. I know this might be a thifty blog, but I guess there are some things you just can’t scrimp on. This Kate Space watch not only boasts a dainty soft pink strap, it also has a mother of pearl face which I think is absolutely beautiful. I can’t imaginee it not going with any outfit.

Burgundy Brogues  - I’m really annoyed that I didn’t buy these when they were on sale in New Look a little while ago as I love the rich colour and I think they’d look great with jeans for dressed down days.

Doc Martens 1461 in Crazy Horse – Having loved my cherry red docks for over a year now, I feel it’s about time I get them a little brother or sister. I really like the mottled brown of these and think that being low top, they might go better with some of my longer dresses – being  only 5’’7 or so, I do worry that a knee length dress paired with my ankle boot docs makes my legs look a little too stumpy.

Vanille Noire Laurence Dumont for Women  - I’ll let the blurb do the talking on this one shall I? ‘Vanille Noire is a pure and natural scent of intensive Mexican vanilla mixed with spicy accords of pink pepper, cinnamon and pepper at the top notes that are loomed over the heart of clove, rose and ylang-ylang and vanilla background.’ Sounds amazing right? Vanilla and Cinnamon are my two favourite scents and I ran out of my last perfume (Lacoste Touch Of Pink) ages ago so this will definitely be making it onto my Christmas list.

Gig Tickets - There are way too many people going on tour that I really want to see. I've got Los Campesinos and (rescheduled) Arctic Monkeys tickets in the bag and I think I'm going to treat myself to Elbow too in April seen as it is the night I finish uni. But if anyone wants to treat me to Justin Timberlake, Wild Beasts and/or Drake, it would be much appreciated...

Passport – Hardly something to lust over, I know, but stupid Huddersfield and it’s stupid rain on my backpack on my way into uni has made the colour leech out of my passport, meaning a £72 replacement. I can’t say I can afford that right now, so lets hope Santa is feeling generous next month…

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