Kilo Sale Haul Part 2 - Revival and Working Class Hero Vintage, Huddersfield

by - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I know what you're thinking - how many clothes can this girl buy? But when your university project is a vintage fashion magazine AND there are so many pretty things to be had for next to nothing, what am I to do? I doubt ill be needing to shop again this side of Christmas.

After all the excitement of Judy's Vintage Kilo on the Thursday, Friday yielded another treasure trove in my very own Huddersfield courtesy of my favourite local vintage shops, Revival and Working Class Hero.

Whilst their sale wasn't quite as grand or as big as Judy's (and some of the items were old high street stock rather than 'true' vintage), simply held on trestle tables in the Byram Arcade (Huddersfield's coolest hotspot), there were plenty of items in amazing condition and good sizes, which is always a rarity at kilo or vintage sales. Even better, these guys were charging £5 a kilo, meaning pretty much any light-ish item was the equivalent of £1! I for one have never seen a vintage sale this cheap.

So what did I buy, I hear you cry? Well, for an outrageously lowly £10.60, I bagged the following...

H&M Dress - I wasn't sure on this when a friend first held it up, thinking it might be a bit mumsy, but after getting it home and trying it on, I'm so glad I added it to my bag. The fabric is wonderfully thick for a H&M item and the pattern is far less garish than it looks in this photo. Best of all, the bodice fits perfectly and and the skirt is a decent enough length that I think this would look really nice for a formal event.

'Housewife' cotton dress - You know when you find a dress type and shape that works for you so you just keep buying the same thing over and over again in various patterns? Well this is a typical Jenessa dress! I have a million and one simple cotton tea dresses like this that I've bought from vintage fairs, but my wardrobe was well in need of some green and I love the pattern. Like my other dresses in this style, it's a wee bit long so I will probably lop it off at the knee and make a matching bow out of the spare fabric.

Lilac Cardigan - A proper granny classic! I bought a similar cardi off ebay a while ago that I was planning on using for a tutorial, but when it came I ended up loving it so much that I kept it plain. So finding this ones means I can do my old D.I.Y idea after all! This one is a lot thicker and stretchier than my old one anyway which was already beginning to get a little baggy around the sleeves. It looks really nice just thrown over a dress or a plain white blouse.

Miss Selfridge Pearl Collared Jumper - Probably my favourite buy from across the two days (even though it's not really vintage), I've barely taken this jumper off. I'm even wearing it now as I type. I rarely wear black but it matches with my black gingham Judy's dress perfectly for some subtle schoolgirl chic. The pearls are well stitched which is pretty rare in these sorts of items so I'm hoping they survive the wash!

Floral Skirt - It looks a bit droopy and sorry for itself in this picture, but this skirt is a lovely silky material. I was really drawn to its wintery colours and hope to team it with a simple vest, fluffy cardigan, thick tights and DM boots this winter.

Denim Skater Skirt - Considering I have been trying to find a skater skirt that isn't too damn short for ages, I was thrilled to find this one in  heavy denim. It'll need a few inches lopping off it, but it has a great shape and the fabric is immaculate, a definitely rarity for vintage denim. Plus, it has pockets - definite bonus!

Scarf - This was a bit of an impulse addition, but I thought the simple colour was a safe investment for the upcoming months. It's in the same felty fabric as my red winter coat, so hopefully the two will go quite nicely together for a casual winter look.

Pretty crazy right? Hopefully now that this first one was such a success, both stores will think of doing another one - my bank balance certainly hopes so! Even if they don't, both shops have some amazing full price stock that I'm constantly lusting over, and which you can check out at the links below.

Do you like to shop vintage?

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