Kilo Sale Haul Part 1 - Judy's Official Kilo Sale, Leeds

by - Monday, October 07, 2013

Who doesn't love a bargain? Even better, who doesn't love a VINTAGE bargain? Even seeing the two words together puts a smile on my face.

Having only really got into vintage shopping a year or so ago through eBay, I have grown to love the 'real woman' sizing and lengths, the well made fabric, the ladylikeness, even the musty granny smell, of vintage. I absolutely love the idea of buying a little piece of history and something that you won't see every other person wearing - I like to think of it as creating a 'clothes collection' rather than a wardrobe.

With this in mind, I am still pinching myself that I managed to convince Judy of Judy's Affordable to let me and my coursemates Jack and Johanna create an official Judy magazine for our third year project. To celebrate and to research our first article, we popped down to the brands Leeds Kilo Sale.

If you've never been to a Judy's kilo sale before, the premise is simple: grab a carrier bag, fill it with whatever you like and then pay £15 for every kilo you buy. Averaging at 4-5 items a kilo, that can mean as little as 3 pounds an item. So bargaineous!

Johanna, Jack and I had a great day mingling with bloggers, Judy's fans and Leeds students, snooping on their buys and trying on the most ridiculous things we could find (see picture of me in a massive bear coat!). I particularly was really happy to meet and go for coffee with the very lovely Kate McDougall from Leeds based blog Trends With Benefits (check it out, it's amazing!), who was a lot of help with our article and scored some awesome buys herself.

More on that later, but for now I thought I'd share some of my purchases!

Blue and White Patterned Playsuit - The shorts on this are pretty short and might make this playsuit seem a teensy bit slutty, but worn with tights it's not too bad. I completely fell in love with the big white buttons and the 70's gold heart belt - so tacky but brilliant.

Blue Pinstripe Wiggle Dress - I absolutely fell for this dress and thought it would fit me but alas not, my bottom half has let me down again. I don't know why I always forget that Pencil Skirts are not my friend! Still, I love the top half so am planning a bit of D.I.Y work with a skirt I have in the same shade of denim and then using the pretty blue striped fabric that I cut off to make something else or to add some embellishment.

Black and White Check Dress - Probably my best buy of the day, this dress is so versatile and looks great dressed up with a sweater and frilly socks. The skirt just hits my calf and I feel so ladylike. Probably worth 15 quid on its own!

Floral Skorts - Being a little bit on the pear-shaped side of hourglass figure wise, I never thought skorts would do me any favours but these were a little longer than ones I've seen before and in such a pretty fabric that I thought I'd give them a go, and I'm so glad I did. I think they'll look really nice with thick tights, a simple top, cardi and brogues.

Not bad for £15 eh? If you're feeling a little jealous, head over to to see when a kilo sale is hitting your town. And stay tuned for another kilo post coming very soon!

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