How To: Pearl Headband

by - Monday, September 09, 2013

Hello all! So it's been a while since I've done one of these. But I was just checking my blog stats and it appears that you all like my How To's best of everything on the site! Thanks a lot to all of you who have read so far; hopefully I will be able to tame your crafty appetites will all the little tutorials I have planned.

I LOVE making headbands, namely because they are really easy, cheap and can lift an entire outfit if you match them right. I've never really been one for these massive floral garlands (they make my head look huge) but I did notice a key trend at the festivals this summer for the embellished jewel headband. Whether they be adorned with gems, cat ears or spikes, a bit of hair accessorising clearly never hurt nobody.

If you fancy something a little more ladylike, understated and suitable for day to day wear, have a go at my pearl headband tutorial.

You Will Need

  • Plain headband (I bought two of these simple black plastic and elastic ones from Primark for 50p, although any plain headband or Alice band would work)
  • Pearl beads (Mine came off some old pearl bracelets I had lying around, although you should be able to pick some loose ones up from a haberdashery or market stall)
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Cord (thin enough to thread through the beads but thick enough to stay strong)
  • Needle and Thread

1)Assemble your materials and de-string your pearls, making sure you have enough for the length of the headband
2)Thread the pearls onto your elastic cord and know at either end
3)Knot the cord through the hole at the end of your hairband, or if using a more solid headband, stitch or fabric glue it into place
4)Copy on the other end. You should now have what looks like two headbands tied together.
5)Using a thread in a subtle colour, do a few loop stitches at intervals along the headband to keep the pearl layer in place
6)Snip any loose threads and voila!

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