Lust List: August 2013

by - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sorry sorry sorry it's been so long since I did a proper lust list! So here goes...

1)Badge collection by Angie Garland - Festival season always reminds me how much I love music. I am lucky enough to be a music journalism student and get to go to lots of gigs and festivals for free, and I love anything that merges my love of music and crafty fashion. These Angie Garland badges have got a touch of the riot grrrl about them plus are super bright and unique. Fun!

2)Oversized denim shirt - This one is currently four pounds in the sale from Matalan, so when my voucher that I won from their Fashion Friday twitter competition comes through, I might have to treat myself! I think it's technically a maternity blouse, but I love the collar and cuff florals and I'm sure if i buy it in a small enough size it'll be fine. It looks like the perfect item to throw over a dress to take me from summer through to Autumn.

3)Local Natives T Shirt - They've been one of my favourite bands for ages, but watching Local Natives headline Beacons festival last weekend just cemented them in my heart even more. I really regret not buying one of their T-Shirts at the gig but hopefully I'll be able to pick one up at their winter tour - I love a simple white logo band tee.

4)Cheetos - Growing up, I was exceptionally lucky and visited America over many summers.  Although my fear of flying has grown over the years and now the idea of a 9 hour flight is frankly terrifying, summer always makes me miss Florida, the shopping malls, downtown Disney, drugstore sweets and cheap makeup (trust me) and most importantly, the food! I don't know why the only cheetos you can get in this country are the wotsit type ones rather than the really delicious knobbly crunchy ones, but boy do I miss them. Oh, and Denny's Breakfasts. And Jello. And Applebee's Mozzarella Sticks and Cocktails. And Columbia's bacon wrapped shrimp. You get the idea.

5)Naturally dark and sheer tights in olive - As a mixed race girl, this is something I am incredibly passionate about. Excuse me for a moment -WHY CAN YOU NEVER FIND SKIN COLOURED TIGHTS IN ANYONE SHADE THAN BEIGE?! I have been incredibly frustrated this summer about my only options being bare legs or opaques, especially loving dresses as much as I do. After scouring the internet, I have found these Debenhams tights that look a similar shade to my skin tone, although I couldn't find them anywhere in store. Regardless, I think it's pretty terrible that they're not more readily available, and will hopefully be spending some time this year campaigning for a change.

6)Rymans A3 Pocket Wallets - Bit of a boring one, but one of my favourite hobbies is scrapbooking. Namely, scrapbooking gigs and festivals I go to, putting in pictures, ticket stubs, the confetti that flies out at the end...whatever I can get my hands on. I have a lovely a3 pink suede scrapbook but unfortunately it's been a bit neglected, with things shoved in their willy-nilly until I get time to sort it properly. A new shipment of plastic wallets would help significantly!

7)Opi Lilac Nail lacquer - My passion for nail varnish has been well and truly reignited with the discovery of cute shades in Poundworld, but my search for a lilac varnish has been left well and truly fruitless. I've never owned an Opi Varnish, but I've heard such good things about them that I am strongly considering an investment. What do you guys think?

8)AM by Arctic Monkeys - Having bought tickets to see my favourite band in the entire world in their hometown of Sheffield on November 2nd, I am about as excited about Arctic Monkeys new album as a Geordie Shore cast member is in a club. If you haven't heard their new single yet, do it here - Indie RnB mastery.

9)Cambridge Satchel in Oxblood - Another long term lust. I have put off buying one for so long because they're pretty expensive, but certain changes and opportunities that are coming up in my life are suggesting that a sensible, decent sized and smart work bag is probably a good idea. We'll see what happens when the student loans come in...

10)Topshop Martina Geek Shoes in white - Yeah, I know, you've seen these on here before. But I still adore them, they look super comfy and my best friend Anna has a pair which she wore around Paris and I am insanely jealous of how effortlessly chic she looks in her facebook pictures. Enough said.

11)Charlavail Deer Patches - I discovered the work of Charlavail years ago through the band VersaEmerge, and have been wanting to buy something of hers ever since. She's a very talented artist and confectionery baker, and also runs a really cool blog over at A lot of her work incorporates woodland animals, and I think these deer patches would be a really sweet addition to a bag or denim jacket.

12)Tresemme Curl Definer Mousse - A bit of a hair experiment. As I mentioned earlier, I am mixed race, White and Black Caribbean, and my hair is the bane of my life. Neither curly nor straight, more just a massive frizz. Last summer I had it relaxed and really enjoyed how easy it was to manage but I'm now at that awkward half-grown-out phase, and getting it done again is so expensive, not to mention not very good for your hair. Inspired by Lianne La Havas, I think I'm going to try, for the first time since I was about 14, to embrace my natural hair and work with it. With this in mind, I'm after a good curl mousse which can hopefully enhance my natural waves rather than slather them in chemicals. I've heard decent things about Tresemme, but if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

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