'Hold the summer in your hands, till the summer turns to sand'

by - Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just a few photos that sum up my Summer 2013. WISH WISH WISH I had taken more pictures, but I have this same regret every summer and never do anything about it. Lets' consider this an early resolution for 2014, especially if my inter-railing plan comes off... get snap happy! 

My best northern gal pal Charlotte and I at Beacons

Our sort-of pet cat that likes to sleep in the same spot every day - cute!

The vanity shots - my mum insisted!

Pretty flowers and Trees and Pinecones... go nature!

Dad admiring the view...

Hidden church

My favourite summer bag from Accesorize! Is a few years old now but I still love it.

Rummaging at Huddersfield market

 Lazy days in Greenhead Park

Beacons Fest campsite

Garden Sunbathing and catch up's with my best friends from school

I haven't got pictures of some of the more exciting stuff, but I quite like these - I never get to spend enough time with my friends during term time as we're spread out all over the country. It's so nice to have lasting pictures from summer as the weather gets increasing gloomier in the run up to Autumn... eek!

What have you been up to this summer?

Soundtracked By: Local Natives: Ceilings 

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