Bring on Beacons! My festival fashion guide 2013

by - Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hello readers! I'm feeling pretty excitable today as I've realised that in just over a week, I shall be touching down at my first camping festival of the summer, Beacons. If you've never heard of the festival, it is a relatively new three days event that takes places in the gorgeous town of Skipton, Yorkshire, and attracts all sorts of indie and dance acts. They also offer a plethora of arts and crafts, independent food and vintage fashion.

Having been lucky enough to attend as press last year, I had an amazing time watching Wild Beasts, Cloud Nothings, Willis Earl Beal and many, many more, and was thrilled when I was asked to be part of the box office staff on top of my normal press duties this year.

Being at this years festival partly as staff and partly as a journalist, style AND comfort when it comes to my festival packing has never been more important. Whilst I don't want to rock up to the likes of Local Natives, Django Django and SBTRKT looking like a mess, we do live in Britain and I have to consider every kind of weather as a possibility, which means planning my outfits in advance. Now, I know people who put waaaaay too much effort into picking suitably trendy festival outfits or even go out to buy something new (something I will never understand - festivals are dirty places that don't suit clothes you really love!), so I'm very sorry if you're here looking for a shopping haul. I'd love to have the money to buy on trend festival clobber, such as the amazing two piece trend I'm lusting after (sigh) but HaberdasHer has always been and always will be a thrifty and affordable blog! So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to some of my failsafe pieces that I've gathered over the years that should be making in my 2013 Beacons Festival Wardrobe.

Stripe shirt from Next - I remember buying this a few summers ago when I did some casual work in the sales. I can't remember how much it was, but due to its versatile colour, it has definitely earnt it's keep over the years.
Dungaree Shorts from Internacionale - I bought these in my first year of University using a voucher I got from my sixth form, so completely free, for me anyway! Dungarees are perfect for girls like me because they look girly whilst being practical in the 'going to the portaloo' department.
Knee Socks from Primark - I believe they still do these, and two pairs for a pound when I bought them. A great festival sock as you can fold them over the top of your wellies to reduce rubbing, and they can be a more fun alternative to tights.
Shoulder bag from Tesco - Chances are at a festival you're going to be lugging some bulky bags, so it's always useful to have a smaller shoulder bag with the essentials you need quick access to when you're getting through the gates. This one cost me £2 in a tesco sale many moons ago and fits a phone, small camera, purse and ticket with ease.
Wellies from Asda - My ultimate festival fashion tip - get rid of the patterned wellies! Sure, they look great on their own, but you can't beat a good old fashioned green pair when it comes to making sure they 'go' with every outfit. And if your feet are on the slightly smaller side, it often works out cheaper to look in the kids collection- these were £7 from the boys section of Asda last festival season.
Homemade Headband - Avid readers would recognise this headband that I made from discarded old dress material! You can check out the tutorial here

Oversized Blouse from Rokit Vintage - As we all know, I love a bit of colour, and I especially love a polka dot. I bought this blouse from Rokit Vintage in Covent Garden last summer for a fiver, and it is one of my favourite bits of clothing. Now 90's fashion is all the rage, I feel pretty smug at having grabbed this so cheap. Layers are definitely a festival essential, and this is thick enough that it should keep me warm as the sun sets.
Broderie Dress from Primark - This dress was part of Primark's basics range a year or so ago, and I have worn it to death. However, I have recieved so many compliments on it when I wear it that I wish I'd bought it in every colour! The broderie top part adds a feminine side to the deep colour which should hopefully provide the well needed mute tone to the pink. It is a little on the short side though - I might need to add tights!
Belt from Old Internacionale Shorts - I bought a pair of chunky cord shorts for £5 from Internacionale last winter, wanting to try something new, but when I got them home I realised that they did nothing for me whatsoever and as they were a sale item I couldn't return them. They have since been passed onto my mum, but I kept hold of the belt and makes any outfit because of its simple brown design.
Necklace from H&M - I rarely spend any money on jewellery, but this was too cute not to buy a year or so ago. I love the subtle bling of the little owl's jewelled belly and eyes, and I think it complements the other colours in the outfit really well.
Converse High Tops from Office- These were my very first pair of real branded converse that I bought for sixth form nearly four years ago, and since then they have been to every festival with me. Reading, Leeds, V, Mumford & Sons in Huddersfield... you name it. They're reaching the end of their life now, but it would seem wrong not to take them to Beacons because they're so comfortable.
Two tone Sunglasses from Parklife Festival - These were entirely free, because I found them on the ground at this years Parklife festival. After asking around a little, I figured that I might as well give them a new home. Result!

Jack Daniels T-Shirt from Free Gig - These tees (festival classic, I know!) were being handed out last summer in Wakefield when The Cribs played a gig to celebrate a Jack Daniels anniversary. My friend Charlotte and I weren't lucky enough to go to the gig, but we were in town and met two guys at the train station who said they'd been to the gig but had picked up the wrong size and did we want them, Absolute result! The tee has got a really cool map of Wakefield on the back which makes it a great music-themed one off.
Oversized mens shirt from Rokit Vintage - I bought this shirt on the same trip as the pink blouse, but this one was only £1! It's massive so I normally wear it as a nightshirt, but it has a cool grunge-almost-kimono vibe about it that I think will be cool for a festival. It should match well with my round framed tortoiseshell sunglasses that were a pound from Primark (I forgot to picture them here, oops)
Denim shorts from Primark- Another item I wish I'd bought two of, these shorts cost me £4 from Primark ages ago and I've never found any quite so comfortable since. Sadly, they are starting to look a bit worn in the crotch (dangerous!) so this might end up being their last trip
Doc Martens from eBay - After lusting after them for years, these were my 18th birthday present from my Mum and Dad, but they still count as a bargain because Ma and Pa got them for just £50 brand new on an ebay shop. I might not end up having space in my bag for those and my wellies, but I shall do my best to squeeze them in.
Hip Flask from eBay - Arguably THE biggest festival essential, this was bought off ebay for 3 quid and then I made the slip myself out of an old fabric sample. Classy!

Basic top from Primark - Bought an age ago for a couple of quid in an attempt to add some basics to my wardrobe, this top has become the eternal match for the dress, a subtle, well needed pop of colour. It'll also double up as a top to sleep in once I've worn it in the day - classy I know, but when you're packing for a festival, you need to pack light!
Floral Pinafore dress from eBay - A find I stumbled upon on eBay last autumn (just before pinafores properly came back into fashion), I wore this all winter layered up with a chunky knit and glittery scarf. I'm looking forward to testing it out in a more summer way!
Sunglasses from ASOS - These were a birthday gift from my best friend Anna way back when, but I've grown to love the pastel shade even more recently, and they are the only pair of sunglasses I own that are truly comfortable.
Handmade Crochet Headband - Made from the waistband of an old tiered skirt I used to have and then cut up to make cushions, this crochet length makes a lovely belt or headband, a nice way to add a little festival detail to an outfit.
Polly Pocket Necklace - I'm so glad I found this! It was right at the back of one of my old drawers when I visited my family home recently. It's so 90'stastic it hurts, and unclicks to reveal a little secret garden with a polly doll on a swing. So cute! I'm fully waiting for these to come back into fashion, although I might have to swap the string chain for a metal one first.
Plimsolls from Primark - These were £1 last summer and  are just placeholding in the picture until the Converse-type white primark low tops that I ordered from eBay for £2.20 arrive (they were meant to be here today, grr), but you get the picture. A white shoe at a festival is always a risk, but fingers crossed they'll be enough dry grass for them to be acceptable and as they were so cheap, a little mud might give them character.
Fake Pearl Bracelets - I have no idea where I got these, I think they were probably part of a set I bought to go with my dress for my cousins wedding. Still, they add the finishing touch of girliness.

Mens Shirt from Judys Affordable Vintage Fair - One of my buys from the Judy's Kilo Sale I blogged about a few months ago. Seen as I got four dresses and this blouse for £20 and it's light as anyway, I reckon it probably cost me about £2. I LOVE the old fashioned bright stripes and it fits me perfectly despite a missing button or two. I never wear it buttoned up anyway. Even better, I love the fact that the colours perfectly match my ....
Wild Beasts T Shirt - I bought this tee from their gig two years ago in Leeds. Wild Beasts are one of my all time favourite bands and watching them headline Beacons last year is one of my favourite gig memories, so I thought it's be nice to remember that by wearing it this year.
DIY socks - Another blog favourite. You can get this lacy tutorial here
Sunglasses as above
Shorts as above
Plimsolls as above

So there we go! I hope you like my outfit choices. If you fancy grabbing a last minute ticket to Beacons, head on over to 

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