New Look Nearly Buy - Pinafore

by - Friday, June 07, 2013

Hello friends! Thought I'd update you on my latest purchase, or nearly purchase. A favourite past time of mine is trawling the online sales of  High Street brands, and I nearly keeled over in shock when I spotted this coral number on New Look's website for a lowly £6.00.

As we all know Pinafore's are well and truly in vogue, and considering that my wardrobe is in desperate need of some summer colour injection, I was tapping my card details in before you could say overdraft. I've never bought from New Look online before, but I can report that the transaction was pleasantly simple and postage was only £3.95, which is quite decent next to it's competitors.

My item took a week to arrive, firmly within their guidelines. So far so good. I unwrapped it eagerly, but to my dismay, the item was simply not my description of coral. In fact, it was a full on red! Considering my love of pastels and subtle shades this was a little disappointing because it really did look more like a pinky orange online. Secondly, the dress was massive! I'm normally a size 12 but went with a 14 because it was the nearest size in stock, and I find that New Look clothes sometimes come up a little small. But the waistband turned out to be hugely gappy on me, giving the pinafore more of a dinner ladies apron feel rather than an on-trend summer winner. Simply not cool, it had to go.

This however, is where New Look came into their own, Despite purchasing the item online, I was able to claim a full refund in store, and was treated really politely without any of the suspicion or accusation you sometimes get when trying to return clothes in a shop. Though this item might not have been quite right for me, the actual quality of the fabric was faultless and I certainly wouldn't be put off buying things from them in the future. I guess the moral of the story is just to try before you buy- maybe if I had verified my perception of 'coral' in the store things might have been a little different...

Have you bought anything online recently? 

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