Dunelm Doin' It Right!

by - Friday, June 21, 2013

Afternoon friends! How are we all? Life at Jenessa's crib has got pretty hectic once more as my housemates and I prepare to move into our new house. I couldn't be more excited! For a year the five of us have lived in this 5 bedroom, 4 floor, 3 bathroom house and many fun times have been had, but it's time to move on. With housemate Beth off to London on placement and the sheer size of the place making cleaning a never ending task (not to mention our little mousey problem), I can't wait to downsize. Our new house is far more homely, four bedrooms, one bathroom with an open plan kitchen and living room, plus a conservatory, dining room and A GARDEN! I'm so glad to be staying in Huddersfield over summer - I'm planning on pitching my tent in the garden and watching all the festival coverage on the telly through the conservatory.

But to get back to the point. Kev and I have taken responsibility for packing everything up, which required more than a few boxes from work. We bought some awesome flexi tubs from B&Q in pink and purple that we figured would be useful for laundry once we'd lugged our stuff in them over to the new place. We also went on an EPIC SEARCH for laundry bags - you know, those massive checkered ones you get for next to nothing? We couldn't find them anywhere. We went to B&M Bargains, Argos, Poundstretcher...everywhere. Before checking in Dunelm Mill.

Now Dunelm didn't have any either, despite the help of their very nice customer assistant. However, I have been a long time fan of Dunelm's homeware, and the second I got in the shop, I forgot all about practial moving-friendly storage and started thinking PRETTY. I haven't been in the shop in ages but wow have they gone summer crazy. It would take forever to reiterate everything I spotted and loved so here is a short little guide for you - 

(from left to right in rows)
  • Storage Trunk: £14.99-£34.99 depending on size
  • Tweed cushion £12.99
  • Festive home cushion £19.99
  • Felt fox cushion £12.99
  • Chinese teapot £9.59
  • Set of drawers £35.99
  • Birdcage photo frame £12.99
  • Candles £4.99 for three
  • Cake tins £7.99
  • Suitcase £9.99 for 16’’
  • Lamp £15.99
  • Oven glove £4.49
  • Owls mug £2.49
  • Duck Egg duvet £16.99
So many pastels! I particularly like the floral trunk (instant storage for my sewing stuff) and the suitcase, which would be pretty handy for short trips to London, which will hopefully become a regular thing in September, when I have to start interviewing people for my case study. The cushions are great inspiration for some new patterns I want to try out, cushions are so easy to make that I really want to challenge myself in terms of embroidery. I love the cake tins too - I have full delusions of moving into this new house and suddenly becoming housewife extra-ordinare... we'll see! 

What do you think of Dunelm's summery items?

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