REVIEW IN PICTURES 'Galaxy Defender Stay Forever' - McFly, 02 Leeds Academy, 01/05/2013

by - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

For regular readers of SafetyInSound, you might remember that a few months ago, I decided that words were overrated when it came to encapsulating a Foals gig, and let pictures do the talking instead. This is what I have decided to do here today, to sum up last Wednesday, when I went to see McFly at Leeds Academy, for the 13th time. Yes, thirteenth time. 

Despite all the taunts and teasing, they have been my favourite band for the past ten years. Proof that pop music can never be truly naff if it is written with heart, humility and harmony, I still to this day believe them to be some of the most talented musicians this country has to offer - this Leeds gig acts as proof in terms of how each song was delivered with completely original improvisations, tacked on solos and passionate vocal delivery. Ten years into their career, they are still more in love with the music they make than most bands less than a year old. Before you judge them, I implore you to see them live. You won't be disappointed. 

All images copyrighted to Jenessa Williams of SafetyInSound

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