Not Nineteen Forever - My very spoilt birthday!

by - Monday, May 13, 2013

This weekend I made the exciting voyage out of teenagerdom... that's right, I turned 20. Can't say I was too thrilled about it- being 19 means being cool and partying and all the rest of it, whereas 20 just seems, well, like you're on the path to proper adulthood. Scary stuff. But anyway, I wasn't intending on making much of a fuss so was amazed by the lovely gifts my friends and family bought me.

My birthday really started on the Friday night, when boyfy Kev and I went to Manchester to see Beyonce. I had bought my ticket as a birthday present to myself months before - there was no way I was missing out on seeing my ultimate icon live. Without getting too far into the feminist debate, I've always found Beyonce to be a great role model, particularly to young mixed race women, and it felt like such an honour to see her perform in the flesh. I would have liked to have heard a few more Destiny's Child songs, but to be honest, I was too in awe of how beautiful she is to mind too much.

I was pretty content to leave my birthday celebrations there, but ohhhhhh no. I woke up on Saturday morning to A LOT of post, and lots of pretty cards.

Cards from my mum and dad, my aunt, my housemates Will and Snowy, my friend Laura and my old housemate Charlotte. Look how amazing Charlotte's card is!

Foxes AND bows - surely the best combo ever!

So I opened up some of my packages, and here is what I got -

Simply Knitting Magazine from Willl and Snowy, as well as NME and Take A Break magazine (bit of  an inside joke, I'm hopefully going to be doing some work experience for them)

The history of NME from my Mum and Dad - can't wait to read this, I've heard so many great things. They also sent me a lovely little Owl necklace, which my Mum confessed was an absolute find at just 25p! I love a good bargain - I'm a firm believer that presents don't have to be expensive to be thoughtful. Here is a close up of the little guy.

My best friend Anna also sent me a very exciting package, marked up with the Cadbury logo...

 I opened it up to find one of every cadbury item, beautifully packed up with a little card. Anna Walker, what a legend. Birthday gifts from Anna always remind me just how fast time moves - I've been getting birthday presents from this girl since we were five years old!

And the gifts kept coming...

A lovely jar of handmade lavender and olive oil bath wash from my friend Laura, who came up to stay for a few days last weekend. Having already tested it out, it smells divine, I shall have to ask her for the recipe!

And a little girly Owl Watch from Charlotte, perfect as my old watch completely combusted a little while ago. It's so dainty and old fashioned, I love it. I completely forgot to take my own picture but here is a stock one from River Islands website so you can see the design

So I was feeling suitably spoilt, but then Kev took me into town and bought me this. Words cannot express how excited I am to be the proud owner of my very first sewing machine.

It's so, so pretty. Yes, it was pretty expensive, and I feel pretty guilty, but I have since given Kev back some money to ease his burden! Bless him, he knew how much I've been lusting after one and he said he wanted to get me something useful. I've been uhmming and aahing over one of the little John Lewis coloured ones for ages but this one was only a little more expensive and does so much more, plus buying it from an independent shop meant 2 years warranty and the promise of free sewing lessons whenever I needed them. My head is literally bursting with all the things I want to try out on it.

So that was the pressies, but Kev insisted on taking me out for dinner as well. He'd managed to bok a table at Discovery Bay in Huddersfield, an entirely Carribbean restaurant. I'd never been before, but spotting Saltfish Fritters on the menu was enough to convince me. Check out this food! 

Saltfish Fritters with Pineapple sauce!

Brown Stew Chicken (Kev had Jerk Chicken and Rice and Peas)

Free birthday Cocktail - whats not to love!

Beer in Hand Drawn Monkey after - Cherry beer is crazy delicious

So that was my birthday! I'm still drowning in all the love. Thanks so much to everybody who wished me a good day or bought me a gift, I feel so popular!

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