Lust List: May 2013

by - Thursday, May 16, 2013

I feel a bit bad starting my lust list feature just after I received some amazing gifts for my birthday, but hey ho, I guess that is the beauty of blogging - collaborating pretty things without seriously feeling  like a spoilt brat. Just a little note to self of things I've loved this month or want to remind myself to make versions of. So here goes...

Bunting - Who doesn't love bunting? I have some really cute tiny bunting strung up around my room here in our current house, but now we're moving to a new, more homely student house in a month, I'm feeling the urge to buy or make more to deck out the living room. I'm going to be living with three boys: I need to stamp some girliness on the place somehow.

Jelly Shoes from TopShop - As a child of the 90s, I can't believe these are back in fashion, they used to be so comfortable and stayed practically glued to my feet between the ages of 6 and 10. Wish I was going abroad this summer to make full advantage of their inherent summery-ness, but I guess they could be rocked here in blighty with a pair of frilly socks (Which, note to self, I hope to put a tutorial up for on here, seen as  I've got metres of lace and a plethora of pastel coloured Primark socks just waiting to be experimented with...)

Sass & Belle Fox - I've absolutely adored Sass And Belle ever since I discovered their owl cushions in Urban Outfitters, but Paddy the Fox has now won over my affections. Last month I finished one of my second year magazine projects in which I designed a crafts magazine, and Sass And Belle were one of the companies I contacted for potential advertising because I just love the fabric they use. They had really encouraging things to say about my own design work which was so nice to hear. Pairing together my love of foxes and florals, this cushion is a dream, and will inspire a little foxy project of my own that I have in mind for this summer.

Topshop Pinafore - Another 90s favourite, the humble pinafore is back in fashion. I absolutely hated them in my youth - I have distinct memories of my mum dressing me in one ofr school when I was 7, and feeling all odd and old fashion because all the other girls had trousers. Now, I couldn't thank mumma williams enough - I was well ahead of the trend! With a few pinnies notching up in my wardrobe, this denim one from TopShop would be perfect with an old tee for days when you just want to shove something on but still look well put together.

Apple Crates - Bit of a random one I know, but Pinterest and a wander round Huddersfield market has given me some really good ideas for storage in our new house using apple crates. Couldn't be simpler really - just sand them, paint them and stack them, and you have instant open shelving to display all your bits and bobs. Would be great for shoes, or even a makeshift, quirky bookcase. I abolutely love the idea of upcycling  thingsl ike this that you can get for free if youk now where to look... I shall keep you posted on my adventures trying to nab some!

Urban Ears Headphones - I've had a pair of pink skull candy headphones for years, but according to my radio lecturer, some of the wires in them has 'fazed'. Can't say I know what that means, but if it calls for a new pair, I've had my eye on these Urban Ears in Mint. I tested them in Urban Outfitters when in Manchester a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed by their bass quality, but they sure are pretty. 

Modcloth Blouse -Ah, Modcloth. Bound to be making an appearance on every lust list form now on. Put simply, ModCloth make the most gorgeous vintage influenced dresses I have ever seen. Every single time I go on their site, I see a million and one things I would love to wear. This blouse is just one of the things I have been staring at for months, a simple, versatile chiffon topped off with delicate little floral buttons. It's nearly £60 dollars, but think how much wear you could get out of it...

Company Magazine Subscription - Doing tons of market research for my magazine project meant reading tons of womens and craft magazines, of which Company is definitely my favourite, blending affordable womens fashion with articles about bloggers and crafting and all sorts of other things that matter to my age group. I've been buying it religiously since Spetember but a subscription would save me a lot of money, not to mention the hassle of trying to grab a copy in the shops.

TopShop Nail Art Pen - I love a good polka dot, and that extends to my nails. Whilst I've got a good system down with a pink base coat and a delicately dotted black paint on top, a nail art would make my life a lot easier, and give me the chance to try some more intricate designs.

Laura Ashley Sausage Dog draught excluder - Anybody who knows me knows that it is one of my greatest ambitions in life to own a Daschund (when I'm no longer in student halls and have a decent job so I can afford to feed it). His name will be Maurice, he will be black and brown and will possibly wear a knitted beret at all times. Until then, this super-sweet draught excluder is about as close as I am going to get. Maybe I could try making my own...

Owl necklace - I love Owls just below Foxes and Daschunds, and thanks to my Mums' birthday gift, I have a nice little collection of Owly necklaces coming along. I'm not much of a jewellery wearer but I do like a good statement necklace - it can really lift a block coloured dress or cardigan, especially if it is a long chained one like this. I especially like the detail around the eyes - they look like flowers! Or those jammy biscuits...

Clothes Rail - Another boring house essential. Argos seem to do a pretty affordable range, which will mean lots of free up wardrobe space in the new house if I put my nice dresses on a seperate rail. I've always liked the idea of putting clothing on display - for lots of people it's a massive expression of their personality, so why hide it away!

Beg Bicycles 'Bella' Bike- Having finished uni for the summer two weeks ago, I have a vast expanse of summer ahead of me to enjoy and hang out with the boyfy here in Huddersfield. Having pretty much ignored all forms of excercise during deadline period, we're both hoping to tone up a little this summer by joining the local gym - he fancies the standard machines, I'm more into the idea of aquarobics and possibly some zumba. He's currently trying to convince me that the best couples exercise we can do is bike riding, but having failed cycling proficiency in year 6 (I know, nobody EVER fails that), I'm not too keen. However, if I were, this bicycle from Beg Bicycles would fit the ticket perfectly. Just imagine riding through around the yorkshire hills, a little wicker basket on the front. With Maurice the sausage dog tucked in...oh I'm in love.

Fat Quarters - As you may have read in my last post, my stupidly lovely and generous manfriend bought me my first ever sewing machine for my 20th birthday. With so much time on my hands now with no uni and only a part time job, I can't wait to get started with it. With dressmaking on my long term agenda, I want to get good at steady stitching first, so I think some cushion are in order, maybe a small patchwork throw that I can work on over time. Some fat quarters would be ideal, although my hand sewing has taught me there arep lenty of places where you can get decent sized fabric samples for free, so there might be a good place to start.

What items are you lusting after this month?

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