MINI REVIEW: Paramore 'Paramore'

by - Friday, April 19, 2013

Having well and truly pigeonholed themselves within the throwaway emo genre in the past, Paramore entered 2013 in a position to re-energise themselves. Having established a formidable live presence after a summer of festivals, their always enigmatic frontwoman Hayley Williams at their helm, and with a place at the head table of rock left open by My Chemical Romance (RIP), they have the potential to become one of the biggest pop rock acts in the world.

Their self titled albums acts like a CV for the job of pomp-pop ambassador, pulling together the best elements of everything they have accomplished so far. Still Into You has alarming potential to come off saccharine sweet, but there is enough sass in its brash delivery to make it seem incredibly fresh and exciting, proving that pop is no longer a dirty word. Last Hope carries the same heartwarming, sad-yet-somehow triumphant anthemic nature that hasn’t been pulled off in this genre since 2007’s lesser known Fall Out Boy Track, The (After) Life Of The Party. The band’s Christianity may have been questioned by their ex members, but their faith rings genuine. The Gospel influence also supports album highlight Ain’t It Fun, a rousing singalong that will surely sound huge on the massive arena tour they have just announced for this winter. Judge them at your peril – they might just be more versatile than we all thought.

Download: Last Hope, Ain't It Fun, Still Into You

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