PODCAST: Can we call Beyonce the F word?

by - Monday, March 25, 2013

She has 17 grammies, 12 MTV awards and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. A singer, dancer, actress, philanthropist, mother and a wife, it's obvious that Beyonce is a highly influential artist, but is she a true feminist? 

With The Guardian labelling her a 'bad' role model for young women after posing in her underwear on the cover of Men's magazine GQ, and her lyrics of independence being criticised as hollow in the face of her new found family status, Beyonce appears to be losing face in the eyes of the media. 

But what is the truth? Is it possible to strike a blow for women whilst wearing your underwear? Can you be proud of your married status and still fight for female empowerment? Is there really such a thing as a 'bad' feminist? I set out to speak to those on both sides of the Beyonce battle, to discover whether she has got what it takes to deserve the ultimate 'F Word' tag. 

Your comments and thoughts are much appreciated - please comment below or get in touch on twitter.com/jnessr. All the comments I receive will go towards my final assignment mark, so dig deep!

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  1. Really well prepared podcast. In my opinion Beyonce has achieved a lot on so many levels, but she also worked for it very hard. I think she can be a good example, because she follows her dreams and and shows that "impossible is nothing". With her experience, she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. It's her choices that make her unique and she's independent if she doesn't care what others think of her. I agree with your conclusion. We should appreciate Beyonce and let her be an entertainer she is now.

  2. This was brilliant! I completely agree with you - feminism is about choice, women have the freedom to do whatever they please. By pressuring Beyonce to be a 'feminist role model', in actual fact we would be going against what feminism stands for. Beyonce, as well as women world-wide, should be able to decide how they portray themselves, and Beyonce, as you state, embodies a multitude of roles, something we should celebrate, not criticise.

  3. I think really, Beyonce does whatever the hell she likes, no one forced her to do that photoshoot, she's comfortable with her body and wants to show that off and I think in a time of such body image shaming that is an incredibly powerful thing. In the wake of slutwalk, I'm amazed that so many people are shaming her for her body and her choices. That doesn't make her a bad feminist, it just means the people who are calling her a bad feminist aren't really up to date on modern feminism... I sometimes disagree with some things she says, but compared to other women in RnB and pop she stands out as being the best role model. Compared to people like Rhianna, who normalise the acceptance of spousal abuse, and Lady Gaga who comes out with so much homophobic crap, she is doing an amazing job =]

  4. Earl of Leicester10 April 2013 at 11:01

    I don't think she's a good feminist, I reject the whole idea of feminism and believe it only to be a term used by women who aren't secure in their gender. Beyonce clearly is a very secure and empowered woman, thus shouldn't need to be associated with their demeaning practices in order to feel like one.

  5. I think that Beyonce was a feminist. She has many songs which are there to empower women such as 'Independant Women', 'bills bills bills' and 'single ladies'. I don't think she's a feminist as much anymore because she's got a husband and child but she is still aware about how women must work a lot harder than men as she mentioned in her documentary about her life.

  6. YEAAAAH BEYONCE! Ahem. She is a feminist icon, of course she is. More specifically, she is a 3rd wave feminist icon. The contemporary ideologies surrounding feminism now stand at a turning point. Is it okay for someone who is successful, married, and down right glamorous to be considered a feminist? I think so. I'd like to imagine that being a feminist doesn't mean sacrificing high heels, make-up and short dresses. Beyonce owns who she is, which is the most radical thing a woman can do. Own her body. And, lest we forget, isn't being a feminist about believing that women should be treated equally to men? Beyonce stands for that, and so do I.

  7. I'm more disturbed by her performing for a dictator's son (Gaddhafi) than her posing in underwear.