Safety In Sound Mixtape #2 - iSummer

by - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seeing as I enjoyed making the last one so much (I love drawing the artwork!), I thought I'd make the SIS spotify mixtapes a regular feature. Considering that I am sat writing this from a sweltering bedroom with the sun streaming in through my window, I thought it only fair that this months playlist be in homage to the sudden british heatwave we are experiencing. Without further ado, I give you iSummer: 25 of my favourite summery indie songs to help you with your sunbathing, cider drinking and festival packing.  

So here we go! You know the drill - check out the spotify playlist below (or by clicking here). As always superfans, feel free to pilfer the artwork and print your own hard copies. And of course, please get involved on the comments box if there are any songs that stand out to you as summer anthems.

Safety In Sound Presents...iSummer 

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