Chazzstock 2012 - Q&A

by - Sunday, April 01, 2012

Every year a new festival crops up in Britain, but it is rare that one merges with such a touching story behind it’s inception. In its first year, Chazzstock was set up in the memory of Charles Haddon, frontman of indie outfit Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, who tragically died at Pukklepop Festival in 2010.

Determined to preserve the memory of their friend in a lasting manner, Charles friends have come together to form a three day event in his name. Held at Stanford Hall (Lutterworth, Leicestershire), Chazzstock is set to draw in indie fans countrywide with its triple threat headliners of The Horrors, Tribes and The Vaccines, with  a host of other talent still be announced. Some proceeds from ticket sales will also go to The Princes Trust Foundation, making it a welcome weekend away that will truly help the lives of others.

I caught up with Jack Bissell, a close friend of Charlie’s and co organiser of Chazzstock to find out more about the festival and what its attendees can expect from the weekend.

Why did you choose a festival to commemorate Charles, as opposed to any other musical form, such a tribute album or one off gig?
JB:The album (The Golden Year) was released soon after Charlie passed away, and along with that we held a tribute gig at KoKo in Camden where acts such as The Kooks, Mr Hudson, Nat Jenkins & Tony Hadley all covered one song on the album, as well as playing some of their own songs. Choosing to put on a festival was the natural progression from that and allows us to keep Charlie's legacy and memory going as well as raising money for charity.

Why did you choose The Princes Trust as your main charity?
JB:We wanted to choose a charity that helped people from the ground up and really make a difference in turning peoples lives round. The Princes Trust is a great charity and we are honoured to be representing them.

Can you briefly explain the process of how you got from having the idea of Chazzstock to making it a reality?
JB:We've been lucky in the fact that members of The Vaccines, The Horrors, Tribes and a lot of the other bands playing were close friends with Charlie. They have all gone out of their way to help. Once The Vaccines & The Horrors were confirmed to play, the madness that comes with organising a festival ensued!

What drew you to The Horrors, The Vaccines and Tribes as headliners?
JB: Members of all 3 bands were close friends of Charlie, having them play makes the festival even more personal. As well as all 3 being some of the biggest band in the country at the moment and incredible live!

How did you decide on the smaller bands on the bill?
JB:We opened up the festival for bands to apply to play. We had over 120 applications which was staggering! We have chosen a few bands from there and then a few of our own choice. We've tried to pick a whole range of styles to make the festival as interesting as possible.

How do you feel about the festival market at the moment? Do you feel it is saturated by the same acts?
JB:I love festivals. I think it's a great way for people to see the bands/acts they love alongside up and coming talent. I don't think I've met one person who hasn't come back from a festival with a new band/acts they had discovered by accident but loved. We want Chazzstock to be just that - we want people who come to leave having seen and loved a band that they wouldn't of normally listened to or seen.

Did any festivals inspire your creation of Chazzstock aesthetically?
JB:I don't think any other festivals inspired us when creating Chazzstock. Unlike a lot of other festivals, we have a story behind it. We all had a pretty clear idea in our head of what we wanted it to be but we're taking little hints and tips from lots of other festivals.

Wh0 would be included in your fantasy festival line up?
JB:Great Question! I'd have too many to list but it would have to be a bit of Led Zeppelin, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Wu Tang Clan as well as all the bands we have playing & 100's more!

What do you feel Chazzstock offers to British festival goers that other festivals maybe don’t?
JB:If you attend Chazzstock you can expect it to have a very personal feel and for eveyone to feel part of something special. As well as being a massive party!!!

How can people get involved with Chazzstock as well as just being an attendee?
JB:In the next few weeks we will be putting up a volunteer application form. For two 4 hour shifts you get a free ticket to the festival. We'll also have lots of interactive stalls and places across the festival.

Can you give us any hints as to who else we can expect to be announced on the lineup?
JB:I wish I could but unfortunately my lips are sealed! You'll have to go to the facebook page and like as well as follow us on twitter to find out the updates!

More information on chazzstock can be found at Weekend tickets are pirced at £75.00 with discounts for under 17’s available. Kids under 12 go free. For line up announcements and news, see

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