'Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster' - Panic! At The Disco, Leeds 02 Academy, 26.01.2012 (originally published by Vibrations Magazine)

by - Friday, February 03, 2012

It says a lot when at 18-years-of-age, you feel like you need to leave it to the young’uns. I entered Leeds Academy with a suspicion that I would be one of the oldest crowd members there, and I was right. Surrounded by emotional teens tapping away at their Blackberrys and feverishly counting pocket money to see if they could afford some of the tad overpriced (though admittedly beautifully designed) merchandise, I did question my affiliation with the OMG-Brendon-Urie-is-so-totally-hot-I-might-cry generation. Luckily, Panic! at the Disco made me remember the best parts of being 14, producing a show equally as fun as it was artistically impressive.
As a frontman, Brendon Urie is insane – vividly, irrevocably insane. Anybody who manages to turn a backflip mid-lyric (during ‘Let’s Kill Tonight' has to be. Yet, on the strength of tonight, he is possibly one of the most exciting and underrated musicians around. Guiding his band through near enough a 50/50 split of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and newest album, Vices & Virtues, there was even the odd track from leftfield album Pretty.Odd. Awe-inducingly versatile vocally, not to mention devastatingly handsome with his strong 1920s jaw and fluid movements, Urie exudes charisma and musical theatrics, taking on dolphin friendly falsettos and teasingly removing items of clothing throughout with a knowing smile. It is his delivery which elevates Panic! at the Disco out of soft-rock mediocrity into something that is inspiring to behold. Even for an old hand, it’s hard not to feel young again.

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