Constellations Festival preview

by - Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dedicated followers of this blog will know it is no secret that I have a rather strong admiration for a certain little band called Wild Beasts. Having made what I believe to be the best album of the year in the form of 'Smother', I have become enthralled by the unique way they approach their music, blending provocative imagery with sparse and often remarkably tense music. Naturally when you become so enamoured with such a band, the obvious progression is to see them live, and thanks to the lovely people over at Constellations Festival who have sorted me out with a pass, I shall be doing just that this Saturday, at Leeds University.

Festivals are obviously two a penny these days, but you can't help noticing the severe lack of them outside of the summer months. Whilst this is clearly due to the lack of  large areas where bands can play without freezing their ends off, the smaller, indoor festival is becoming a rather charming prospect, and when you have a line up as exciting as Constellations have, it's no wonder why. In addition to Kendall's finest, we have Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, The Big Pink, Dutch Uncles, Spector, Givers, Three Trapped Tigers... the list goes on. Blending the up-and-coming with some undisputed indie legends is a clever move that will hopefully attract music fans looking to try out some new artists. I personally am very excited to see both Yuck and The Antlers in action considering how critically lauded they've been of late, plus of course Summer Camp and 2:54. In a venue as large as Leeds uni, it's set to be a really good day, especially as something that's taking place in the north of the country as opposed to the most obvious setting of London. I've noticed already in my two months living up north that gig crowds here are a completely different beast to down south, so on a personal level it will be really interesting observing the festival vibe.

So I shall finish this post by promising a full review of my day, and wishing any other Constellations goers a good experience - I'd love to hear your stories!

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