Psychotic Reactions, Parish Bar, Huddersfield 01/10/2011

by - Sunday, October 02, 2011

Probably due to the size of the town I'm from, local gigs in what I can would call 'authentic' venues were always few and far between for me. Going to gigs was a big deal, a night out that required massive planning and probably a trip to London, so often I only made the effort for bigger named bands I really liked. Naturally, bigger bands tend to play bigger, more impersonal venues, but being 18 now, and coming to Uni in a completely different town, I made it a resolution that I would go to as many gigs as possible; bands I've heard of, bands I haven't, bands that are terrible... it all goes towards making me a better writer.

So to cut to the chase, I headed down to The Parish Bar In Huddersfield last night with a new coursemate of mine, to their regular Psychotic Reactions night. It was a pretty standard affair as far as pub gigs go - three bands of varying genres and capability, (Healthy Boy, Milky Onions and Dead Rabbits if you're interested) rock dj in the corner, but something about it felt special to me: the graffiti and lyrics on the bathroom stall artistic rather than meaningless scribble, the retro dvds on constant repeat, the non judgemental attitude to anybody that walked in the door, regardless of their clothing or company. Maybe I've just become too used to clubs, but the individuality of the place seemed to rub off on me. In the space of a few short hours, I talked to all sorts of random but interesting people, watched bands I wouldn't normally pay to see (or have normally even heard of) and had a really nice time with some new friends, all for £2.  This hasn't been a proper review, granted, but I feel it was an important personal milestone.Yes, I think I could get used to University life.

(images courtesy of Parish Bar, Huddersfield., No copyright infringement intended)

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