You Me At Six 'Sinners Never Sleep', out October 3rd

by - Monday, August 01, 2011

After a mysterious countdown appeared on their website a week ago, I have been monitoring You Me At Six camp very closely. Having given no suggestion as to what the 'Huge News' would be apart from teaser police line up images of each band member (see below), speculations were rife, but I am thrilled to announce that when the sit refreshed at 1.00pm UK Time, sixers worldwide were greeted by the above image: Sinners Never Sleep.

Frontman Josh Franceschi has been speaking on Twitter and in the public media about the bands forthcoming third album, which in today's music industry , is the one that will in essence decide their longevity. The most common feature of his discussion of the album is it's agressiveness and honesty; in fact, he claims that these are the most no-holds-barred tracks he's ever written.With song titles "Little Death" and the long awaited, much talked about "Bite My Tongue" (featuring Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes, and thought to be the first single), it does indeed sound like we're going to get a harder, perhaps punkier You Me At Six this time round,  which may not be a bad thing. The concept of wanting to be taken more seriously seems to eminate from the no nonsense black and white of the cover (which resembles many modern metal album artworks) as well as the brash titles, again boulstering claims of a more developed sound.

So what else do we know about the album? Very little, in truth, asides from the fact that it is available now for signed preorder on However, as always new developments will be posted up here as they happen, and expect a full review up here as soon as they confirm the first single.

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  1. I'm looking forwards to getting my hands on this 3rd album. I have really liked the first two and hope it's going to be just as good.

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