The Next Phase

by - Friday, August 19, 2011

A lot of people told me I shouldn't do it. A lot of people told me I should have picked a more stable career, or a more prestigious university. I didn't listen: I pursued my dream and yesterday morning, the next stage of my pursuit to be a music journalist was completed when I got a place at my first choice University, Huddersfield, to study Music Journalism.

Anybody who knows me would know that I was pretty much bricking it for my results, but I'm proud to say I did pretty well, managing to get a C in Biology  (well, who needs science to be a writer anyway!), an A in Geography, and achieved the grade I so desperately wanted in English Literature & Language, an A*. I really couldn't be happier, as these meant I cleared my necessary offer to get into Huddersfield by a good 40 points,  bolstering my sense of self belief and knowledge that I am on the right track. I loved the Uni, halls and surroundings upon first visit, and can't wait to move up there and immerse myself in a whole new life.

This isn't an Oscars speech and it's not in my nature to boast, so I'll wrap this up here, but I just wanted to formally thank all my followers, readers, work experience placements and anybody who has ever said a kind word about my writing: it really is more encouraging than you will ever know.

Huddersfield, here I come.

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